‘You Are The Virus!’: Protesters Rage at the Ohio Capitol Against Coronavirus Quarantine Order

As states continue to increase their infringements on the rights of the people using the coronavirus pandemic as an excuse, individuals are speaking out more frequently against the overreach.

Close to 100 protesters showed up at the state capitol in Ohio on Thursday to demonstrate their freedom against edicts from Gov. Mike DeWine, who has ordered all Ohio residents to stay in their homes.

“We have not faced an enemy like we are facing today in 102 years,” DeWine said as he announced his stay-at-home edict last month. “You have to go back to the 1918 influenza epidemic. We are certainly at war. I don’t know any other way to describe it other than to say we are at war.”

“In the time of war, we must make sacrifices, and I thank all of our Ohio citizens for what they are doing and what they aren’t doing. You are making a huge difference, and this difference will save lives,” he added.

But not every Ohio resident is willing to bend the knee and surrender their rights at DeWine’s behest. The protesters showed up enraged that their freedom of assembly and religion with Easter Sunday right around the corner.

Zenger News captured the footage from the controversial rally, with Carter Adams videoing and Ford Fischer reporting on the protest:

One particularly bold protester carried a semi-automatic rifle to send the message that his rights will not be tread upon.

“The Democrats have come out saying the boogeyman is out to get you and, ‘If you give us your freedom we’ll protect you,’” activist Ben Shuler said.

Shuler dawned a blue Trump 2020 campaign hat and a flag with a Spartan helmet and the words “Molon Labe,” which roughly translates to come and take it.

Inside the capitol, the Ohio Department of Health Director Dr. Amy Acton taunted the protesters by claiming that the administration would move on with their plans despite their objections.

“I don’t know if you can hear on television, but there are people protesting right outside the statehouse,” said Acton. “And people are worried, they’re afraid. They’re worried about things like their jobs. But we have to keep pushing forward with Ohio’s plan for getting through the crisis. It’s working.”

The protesters were defiant in response, yelling: “O-H-I-O! Acton’s got to go!”

“No paycheck for us, no paycheck for you,” the crowd shouted at the state capitol.

“Business is shutting down, the economy’s doing horrible, it’s not good for anybody in Ohio and it’s going to take decades to get back,” said activist Scott Shoemaker, who wore the fabric of an American flag as a mask to demonstrate his patriotism.

“I’m out here today because I’m tired of it,” Shoemaker said.

Protesters complained that government officials continued to collect their paychecks while the people of Ohio were laid off and struggling economically.

“You are the virus!” they chanted.

As the coronavirus pandemic slows down, the public is growing increasingly angry with government overreach. If society isn’t turned back on soon, the likelihood of civil unrest will increase drastically.

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