You Go Girl! Armed Woman Prevents Would Be Home Invaders from Ransacking Her Brother’s House

A sister stepped up to the plate to defend her brother from a potential home robbery late last month in Shreveport, Louisiana.

According to the account of a Shreveport homeowner, he was busy doing work on his jeep in his garage with his sister when two men quickly approached him and demanded that he give up his money.

“I was leaning into my Jeep and two boys came up behind me and one grabbed me by my arm and the other grabbed me by my head and went to walk me into my house and … we ended up getting into a shootout in my garage,” he recounted.

His Jeep took bullet damage during the shootout. His younger sister quickly took action.

“She was in the passenger seat working the radio and she saw the boy with a gun to my head and saw him walking me into the house and she just took charge from there.”

She drew her gun and opened fire on the men assaulting her brother. While she chased them out of her house, the assailants responded with gunfire and struck her brother.

“I looked down and I had a bullet in my chest and I pulled it out myself. I was like I see it. So I just pulled it out myself,” he said.

The brother was in the hospital for a day but soon returned to work. He’s glad that his sister responded in a decisive manner.

“She saved my life!”

Both suspects were arrested.

This case of defensive gun use is one of 1+million that take place annually in America, according to research from criminologist Gary Kleck.

Good on ArkLaTex for covering this story, since it’s safe to say no other big outlets would bother to feature an incident involving lawful individual using their firearm in self-defense.

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