Young Conservative Hit with Terror Charges for Posting Rifle Picture on Social Media is Granted an Appeals Court Hearing

Last year, Big League Politics broke the story of a 20-year-old conservative who was kicked out of his university and hit with terror charges for posting a rifle picture on social media.

Lucas Gerhard was targeted by left-wing snowflakes on campus for posting the picture of his rifle on his private Snapchat account:

Because weak liberal women were put into a permanently-infantilized state by the mass media, Gerhard was snitched out to authorities. Lucas is now facing 20 years in prison because of this cruel injustice that has been perpetrated upon him by a corrupted system that has tossed the American people overboard.

Lucas’ father Mark appeared with Michigan liberty activist Adam de Angeli on a Gateway Pundit video blog earlier this week to address the case and give the latest updates. The state is dragging out the proceedings in the court of law for as long as possible in an attempt to bleed the Gerhard family dry.

“Stuff like this is happening everywhere, and it’s not always as cut and dried as this case is, but, you know what, people need to be on alert because every aspect of government right now…is being bowled over by the radical Left or are the radical Left,” said de Angeli, who is urging people to form local activist groups in order to fend off the Soviet-style institutional takedown of America.

However, Mark Gerhardt did note that there has been a breakthrough in his case. The court of appeals has agreed to hear the case and potentially overturn his arrest before the trial. This could restore Lucas’ freedom completely and remove all of this ugliness from his record.

“The fact that they’re seeing this as a huge breach of his 1st Amendment, let alone all of the other fallout… It’s unbelievable how the system has failed him. It’s like a banana republic… I would never have thought that something like this could happen right here in the United States, in Michigan,” he said.

“I can’t tell you how demoralizing that is to me in itself,” Mark Gerhard added, referencing his history of service as a war veteran and a Marine colonel.

De Angeli also referenced one of Gerhard’s lawyers in saying that “the Court of Appeals hearing an interlocutory appeal in a criminal case is about as likely as the U.S. Supreme Court taking up any case,” meaning that their decision to take up Lucas’ case is a big deal.

Big League Politics reported on how corrupt judges and prosecutors have continued the railroading of Lucas for many months in a blatant affront to the Bill of Rights and Constitution:

20-year-old Lucas Gerhard, who faces up to 20 years in prison for posting a picture of his rifle on social media, was denied his motion to dismiss charges on June 11 in a Chippewa County court in Sault Ste. Marie, Mich…

The Court repeatedly denied a request made by Gerhard’s lawyer, Nick Somberg to record the proceedings and broadcast them on the internet. They are determined to keep the railroading of an outspoken conservative under the cover of darkness, particularly now that the story has gone viral. Many supporters of Gerhard were denied entry into the courthouse as well, with the COVID-19 pandemic used as an excuse to keep them out.

The prosecutor made the argument that because Gerhard posted a picture of his rifle along with a comment regarding how the firearm would offend campus snowflakes on Snapchat, this was adequate to proceed with terror charges and a jury trial. Circuit Court Judge James Lambros ultimately concurred with the argument from the prosecution and denied Gerhard’s motion to dismiss. The case will likely head to trial as a result of Lambros’ decision.

“My opinion is that the judge had no choice but to take the safe approach, as many of the unorthodox and contextually misleading arguments that the prosecution introduced were simply bells that could not be unrung at that point,”  said Gerhard’s father, Mark, a retired Marine Colonel, to Big League Politics.

Despite the judge commenting positively on Gerhard’s demeanor and complimenting the young man for his composure while facing the charges, Gerhard was ultimately kept on a tether because of highly irregular behavior from the prosecution. They inexplicably produced a video of a Mosque shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand from 2019 and played it in the courtroom for several minutes to bias the proceedings.

“As a Marine, I’ve been exposed to some incredibly traumatic events [to include combat], and even so, it was entirely sickening watching the violent video. It was one of the most horrifying things I’ve ever seen in my life. The point of a tether is to prevent someone from fleeing bond. How the prosecutor was allowed to play this for seven or eight minutes, without any real contextual value linking the reasoning as to why Lucas should remain tethered, was both mystifying and disturbing,” Col. Gerhard said to Big League Politics. 

“I feel it was borderline unethical and certainly inappropriate for the prosecutor to introduce something so inflammatory, knowing full well the Judge would not know the basis of how and where it was derived from,” he added.

Because Lucas was in a Snapchat group in which the video was shared, he was deemed a threat by the courts, and his strict confinement was upheld – in yet another egregious violation of his 1st Amendment rights by the state of the Michigan. The video was not listed as evidence beforehand, and this footage completely unrelated to the case was improperly used to manipulate the hearing.”

Lucas Gerhard needs support as he continues the fight for his life. If they successfully prosecute him, this will set a chilling effect on free speech and gun rights that will cascade throughout the country. The court of appeals is expected to hear the case as soon as next week. His GoFundMe page to donate to his legal fees can be seen here.