Young Conservatives in the Empire State are Not Putting Up with Political Correctness

After the administration of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio decided to remove the monumental statue dedicated to President Theodore Roosevelt at the Museum of Natural history in Central Park West on June 21, 2020, the New York Young Republicans issued a statement condemning the decision.

On June 24, the conservative organization released its statement expressing its “unreserved disgust and outrage with the de Blasio administration’s shameful decision” to remove the statue.

The statue was commissioned in the 1930s.

The New York Young Republicans noted that the statue was “unveiled with pride as Americans pondered potential involvement in World War II, this statue depicts President Roosevelt in a manner that harkens back to his rough-riding days in Cuba.”

Unlike other conservative organizations who do not appreciate American history, the New York Young Republicans highlighted the overall impact Roosevelt has had on American politics:

President Roosevelt’s impact on American society, both contemporaneously and in the decades since, cannot be overstated. Unlike leftists today who dwell in the dark recesses of their mind when confronted with challenges, President Roosevelt embraced a strenuous, outdoor lifestyle. He ran cattle, wrote histories, and served with distinction in the Spanish-American war as he and his fellow Rough Riders helped conquer Cuba. In politics, he served with pride as Governor of New York, and he remains the youngest man to be elected president at forty-two years old.

The conservative organization lamented the de Blasio administration’s iconoclastic behavior:

It pains us to see President Roosevelt denigrated and his impeccable reputation besmirched by abject failures like Bill de Blasio and a small cohort of radical leftists compelled to destroy any sense of Americans’ pride in our history, our leaders, our people, and our successes. Members of the New York Young Republican Club honor, respect, and strive each day to emulate President Roosevelt, and we know personally how this statue has inspired youth to emulate him and the strong American values that he unceasingly expressed throughout his life.

On June 28, the conservative organization is organizing a protest to demand that the statue be put back on display.

Gavin Wax, the President of the New York Young Republicans, shared his thoughts with BLP:

The museum is claiming it wants to remove the statue for it’s ‘hierarchical composition’ which is just a fancy way to say that Teddy is the focus of the statue. Well of course he is. He is who the statue is commemorating. Teddy being on top a horse and centered as the focal point of the statue does not make it racist. The left will look for racism in every innocuous monument because at the end of the day this is about erasing the past and destroying history. Those who control the past control the future. We have seen this in all tyrannical regimes throughout history from the Jacobins under Robespierre in Revolutionary France to Nazi Germany to the Soviet Union to Maoist China. It is time we stand up for our great American legacy and history and stop being ashamed of it. Use history to learn about the sins and mistakes of the past in order to better our future. That’s why history matters, that’s why these statues all matter.

Wax also appeared on Fox News to discuss this event, which can be viewed here.

While the Left tries to delete American history, there are at least some organizations willing to stand up to this senseless iconoclasm.

More organizations should learn from the New York Young Republicans’’ example.


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