Young Republicans Invite Animal Rights Terror Group PETA to Leadership Conference After Dark Money Takeover

The Young Republican National Federation (YRNF) is currently conducting their annual national leadership conference under the yoke of a dark money takeover by a 501c4 group cynically designed to entrench a permanent leadership class meant to dominate the 91-year-old institution and rob them of their charter and their independence.

The YRNF national leadership conference is dominated by RINOs like House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Congressman Dan “Eyepatch McCain” Crenshaw. Making matters worse, the new bought-and-sold leadership caste of the Young Republicans is also rolling out a red carpet for the Radical Left to spread its tentacles into the America First right.

The infamous People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), renown for its support of anti-capitalist domestic terrorism, is being allowed to table at the leadership conference.

A picture of PETA’s booth allowed by the Young Republicans at their national leadership conference can be seen here:

PETA has subsidized the legal defense of domestic terrorists who have targeted the meat industry. They gave $70,000 to the legal defense fund of convicted arsonist Rodney Coronado, who burgled and firebombed a research facility at Michigan State University with a crew of co-conspirators in 1992. 

PETA has also collaborated and given grant money to the Earth Liberation Front, a sister group to the Animal Liberation Front (ALF). The ALF/ELF have committed over 1,000 criminal acts against the capitalist system throughout many decades, resulting in over $110 million in damages.

The Young Republicans, under the leadership of the dark money coup regime that has installed themselves in power, is helping this domestic terror organization rebrand itself and infiltrate the America First right.

Big League Politics reported on the YRs Run front group taking illicit power over the YRNF last week:

Young Republicans National Federation (YRNF) chairman Rick Loughery founded a dark money 501c4 organization that is aggressively usurping the legitimate functions of the YRNF without approval from its membership.

Loughery with help from the YRNF general counsel, Ross Wolfe, founded YRs Run, a nonprofit organization based out of Pennsylvania, in order to exert authority over the Young Republicans without having to follow the YRNF’s bylaws or reporting requirements.

Wolfe’s father, J. Matthew Wolfe, founded the 501c4 in Pennsylvania, which he claimed was done because of his father’s expertise in organizing such groups.

“I don’t know why it would be a conflict of interest. The reason my father registered the organization is because he has experience doing that stuff and I don’t. I could have learned about it but didn’t really want to take the time to learn how to do it,” Wolfe told Big League Politics. His father is an influential attorney with deep ties to the Republican establishment of Pennsylvania.

Wolfe refused to address any questions about the ethical ramifications of the existence of YRs Run in concordance with the YRNF, claiming that commenting would be outside of his purview as general counsel.

YRs Run has already begun issuing candidate endorsements under the guise of being an official Young Republicans organization while being a separate, independent entity.

YR members are concerned that Loughery’s shady involvement with YRs Run may allow him to continue controlling the YR organization even after finishes his final term next year. Loughery is attempting to create a political dynasty and exploit his leadership role with the YRs and the group’s connections to do so. 

YRs Run is hosting the upcoming Young Republican Leadership Conference (YRLC) that is scheduled to take place from July 16 to 19 in Washington D.C. Loughery’s sneaky coopting of the YRNF can be seen in the event’s promotion materials distributed over social media, which say the event is ‘powered by YRS Run.’

It is clear that Loughery and his establishment gang that has seized power are for sale. Anger is continuing to mount within the YR ranks over their failed leadership, corruption, and immoral activity. Big League Politics will continue to provide updates on the YR leadership scandal as details unfold.

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