YouTube Executive Says Censorship of Russian “Disinformation” is “a constant ongoing endeavor”

In an interview on the BBC’s “Ukrainecast” podcast, YouTube’s Chief Product Officer Neal Mohan stressed the Big Tech titan’s commitment to fighting “disinformation” through censorship measures. 

Mohan made these remarks when he received questions from BBC disinformation reporter Marianna Spring about his level of satisfaction with YouTube’s measures to combat Russian disinformation. 

“It is a constant ongoing endeavor,” Mohan declared. “It’s not one where I would ever say that our work here is done.”

He continued: “The nature of misinformation continues to change. The narratives change in subtle ways. The language changes. We need to stay on top of that.” 

Mohan also called attention to YouTube’s removal of over 70,000 Ukraine war videos and 9,000 channels for violating the video sharing community guidelines.

Mohan’s commitment to implementing censorship policies against allegedly containing disinformation is similar to YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki’s promise to censor “misinformation” at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting for 2022. At this meeting, Wojcicki stated “there’ll always be work that we have to do” to censor “misinformation.”

On top of their comments indicating they will continue their censorship efforts Tom Parker of Reclaim the Net noted that “both Wojcicki and Mohan have previously described the censorship of misinformation on YouTube as a top priority.” 

In the meantime, Wojcicki has been attending meetings with world leaders to talk about  censoring “misinformation” and forging partnerships with rights groups on “misinformation research and initiatives.”

Big Tech is not just some normal set of private businesses. These are massive businesses that often have shady origin stories that suggest strong connections to government agencies. While they’re technically private institutions, they very much function as private arms of the managerial state.  

On top of that, Big Tech has been a willing partner in assisting the national security state in promoting the DC Blob’s universalist agenda. This has been fully on display throughout the Russo-Ukrainian conflict, where anyone who dares criticizes Western foreign policy towards Russia gets censored and discourse gets heavily limited. 

America First is the only political sector of American politics that understands the threat these tech companies pose for our republican institutions. That’s why they must be reined in through Internet Bill of Rights legislation and punitive fines when they engage in blatant acts of censorship.

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