YouTube is Under Fire for Censoring Documentary Critical of Disney 

YouTube recently imposed age restrictions on a documentary produced by the Catholic League that launched criticism against Disney. These kinds of restrictions massively limit a video’s overall reach.

YouTube has yet to explain why it imposed the age restriction on the documentary “Walt’s Disenchanted Kingdom.”  

The documentary contends that Disney has been making decisions that have sullied its family-friendly image by pivoting towards more of a “woke” brand that is also trying to placate the Chinese Communist Party.

Per Catholic League Communications Director Mike McDonald, the Catholic League received an email from YouTube claiming that the video was inappropriate for children. However, YouTube did not provide any specifics as to what in the video was inappropriate for children.

McDonald informed Just the News that he reminded YouTube it has a policy that  permits the publication of “education and documentary material,” additionally noting that “this is what that video is.”

“The documentary was vetted by lawyers … There’s nothing in this film that’s objectionable. No cursing, no nudity, no gratuitous violence. Just people talking about Disney,” he continued.

YouTube rejected the appeal.

McDonald states that the decision has hastened the organization’s efforts to set up its Rumble account.

“The documentary is still on YouTube, but we initially released it on Rumble,” he stated. “So now we’ve been directing people there mostly. It’s also available on Salem Media now and DVD as alternate options.”

YouTube is no fan of the First Amendment. It functions as a de facto Pinkerton police force for the regime and willingly censors anything that goes against the regime’s narrative.

This, among other reasons, justifies a firm-handed approach by right-wing nationalist governments to rein these enterprises in and punish them for their pernicious behavior.

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