YouTube Mainstream Media Livestreams of Democrat Convention Flooded With Dislikes

Nearly every mainstream media platform hosting a livestream feed of the Democratic Convention on YouTube has had their stream flooded with dislikes, in some cases with more dislikes than likes.

NBC and ABC’s night two stream of the convention both had around 50% dislikes. MSNBC had somewhat a favorable viewer response, with only 35% of viewers hitting dislike. A majority of viewers on Joe Biden’s channel voted dislike on the campaign’s convention feed!

NowThis had a whopping 68% majority of dislikes, and PBS had 50%.

Fox News had a nearly unanimous 99% dislike ratio, and Mike Bloomberg’s YouTube channel- that of a former Democratic candidate- had a paltry 700 views with 99% dislikes as well.

Looks like the convention itself is attracting few who are genuinely interested in its content, and an easy majority of those tuning in want to express their rejection of the Democratic establishment and its vision for the country.

The carnival that is the Democratic Convention is expected to continue with Joe Biden speaking remotely from Delaware on Thursday night. Viewership appears relatively low, suggesting Americans are prescient of the fact most of the canned speeches at the DNC are contrived repetition of meaningless platitudes.

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