YouTube Unpersons Red Eagle Politics

America First YouTuber, Red Eagle Politics was banned from YouTube on July 29, 2022 for allegedly partaking in “scams or deceptive practices.”  Red Eagle Politics, also known as Jack Francis, did not even receive a warning or strikes for his alleged infractions. 

On Twitter, he revealed the following: 

“YouTube has removed my channel for ‘scams or deceptive practices’. No strikes, no warnings, no nothing beforehand. @TeamYouTube please fix this problem, this is clearly a misunderstanding.”


REP is one of the leading YouTube personalities on the America First Right who produces content that promotes America First values such as immigration patriotism, foreign policy restraint, and social conservatism. He also does robust electoral analysis and predictions on a host of races at the state and federal level. 

In the meantime, REP is still on Twitter where he informed his followers that he is on Alt Tech platforms such as Rumble and Odysee. He posted a follow-up tweet, “Here’s my alt tech platforms:

1) Rumble:

2) Odysee:

I’m working on the appeal, but follow me on these platforms until then, the content is not going to stop!”


It’s abundantly clear that the Masters of the Universe at Big Tech are censoring anyone who counters their globalist narratives. As the 2022 midterms quickly approach, we can expect more people from the America First movement, Dissident Right, and broader populist sphere to face similar punishments.

The America First Right must get serious about Big Tech reform once in power. An Internet Bill of Rights and other measures that protect online speech from both government and corporate censorship are long overdue. Fines against companies that infringe on people’s peaceful political speech should also be in order. If Big Tech is allowed to act with impunity, free speech as we know it will disappear. 

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