YouTuber and Congressional Candidate Joey Saladino’s Camera Operator Attacked by Deranged Leftists

At Protest Against Antisemitism, Saladino and his Crew are Attacked

On June 23, 2019, the congressional candidate for New York’s 11th Congressional District, Joseph “Joey” Saladino was in attendance at the “Tell Max Rose: Remove Ilhan Omar from HFC ASAP” rally.

This rally was held in support of Americans Against Antisemitism and their goal to fight the bigotry that incumbent Max Rose has failed to stand against during his time in Congress.

At the event, Joey Saladino was with his girlfriend and camerawoman, Gila, a Jewish woman of Jamaican-Israeli descent. They attended to speak with counter-protesters and get their perspective on the issue.

While having a cordial conversion with a leftist protestor holding a sign saying, “Do You Know What AIPAC does ya doof?”, a protestor abruptly interrupted the otherwise peaceful exchange and began screaming. In the midst of this hostile exchange, Saladino identified himself, which caused the leftist mob to dial up the pressure and become more hostile.

Watch the video here

Eventually, male leftist radicals began shoving and assaulting the camera operator Gila. Saladino quickly defended his girlfriend from the leftist mob and was able to escort his crew to safety, despite being pursued by the mob of protestors.

The congressional candidate was seeking peaceful dialogue with members of the counter-protest, but was met with great hostility. Saladino stated, “Look, I want to be the Congressman for all of NY-11, and that means speaking with people who I don’t agree with. If we can’t speak to one another, what happens then? We need to cross lines and speak to one another like adults.”

The Saladino campaign is firmly against the political violence employed by leftwing radical supporters of Max Rose and Ilhan Omar. Saladino declared that “this kind of anti-American and anti-Semitic behavior has no place in American politics where rational dialogue is so important.” The Saladino campaign does not expect Rose to denounce this kind of violence, which has become the norm since Donald Trump was elected in 2016.

In Saladino’s view, Max Rose has sold out the working and middle classes living in his district. That’s why, Saladino has launched his campaign “to apply his working class, New York City values to work in Congress and use his voice, a reach of over 10 million followers and 1 billion views per year on social media, to work for New York District 11.”

Saladino vows to stand up for American values and small business owners as the Representative of New York’s 11th District.

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