YUGE: Republicans Sweep Congressional Special Elections, Reclaiming California District from Democrats

Republicans won two special elections for the House of Representatives on Tuesday, picking up victories in Wisconsin and California. Republicans Mike Garcia and Tom Tiffany defeated Democrats Christy Smith and Tricia Zunker.

Garcia’s election victory, which takes place in California’s 25th congressional district, was set forth to replace former Democrat Representative Katie Hill following her resignation over a sex scandal. Hill resigned after being exposed for intimate and inappropriate relationships with subordinate congressional staff, yet has claimed that she represents a form of feminist victim for her inappropriate workplace behavior.

The former Navy fighter pilot’s victory over a Democratic State Assemblywoman ensures that the Republican Party has flipped back the first of the congressional seats it lost in the 2018 midterms. As of Wednesday morning, Garcia is up by a percentage count of 55% to 44%, suggesting a handy victory for the Republican to flip the district.

Hillary Clinton had won the popular vote of the northern Los Angeles county district by 6 percentage points in 2016, suggesting a possibility that the Republican Party could be broadening its appeal in the state as Democratic leaders prepare to enact rolling and long-term coronavirus restrictions. Los Angeles County is currently planning on extending its stay-at-home order until July.

Tom Tiffany won big in Wisconsin’s rural and conservative 7th district, cruising to victory over Zunker by a margin of over 16 percentage points.

Both Republican candidates were endorsed by Donald Trump.


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