1984 in the UK: Red Coats Ban Reporting On Free Speech Arrest

The U.K. has placed a reporting ban on a story regarding the arrest of a free speech activist who documents Islamic crime in Britain.

Breitbart’s London affiliate has been forced to remove a story written about the Orwellian arrest of Tommy Robinson for filming alleged Muslim sex traffickers reporting court for trial in Leeds, a city in Yorkshire.

“Breitbart had to remove Tommy story,” Canadian journalist Lauren Southern tweeted.


Clicking the on the story leads to a 404 error page:

Earlier, Big League Politics reported:

“Robinson was officially arrested for suspicion of breaching the peace.’

He was then sentenced to 13 months in jail because he was on a suspended sentence.

Robinson was given a suspended sentence for contempt of court in May 2017 after he tried to film four Muslim men who were on trial accused of raping a teenage girl. Citizen journalism and freedom of expression are frowned upon in England.

He has long documented the savage behavior of Islamic “refugees” who have been brought to the West, and for this he is despised by the leftist British government.

‘Grooming gangs’ as they are called in England are nothing more than child sex trafficking rings. The Orwellian term is used to sanitize the behavior because Muslims are the prime culprits of such activity.”

Not only did Britain toss reporter in jail for documenting crime on a public street, they then banned all reporting on the incident, doubling down on their commitment to silencing the truth.

The Daily Record was also forced to remove their story on Robinson:

So did Birmingham Mail:

So did Mirror UK:

There is no denying it anymore: Britain has turned into a police state that would make Orwell proud.

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