27 Men In Bradford, UK Arrested For Online Child Sexual Exploitation

Police in Bradford, UK, a few days ago arrested 27 men, ranging in age from 16 to 57, on charges of sexually exploiting children online.

It was reported that police have been warning of the danger to children from predators online especially now during the coronavirus lockdown which keeps people indoors. Between late March and late April, Scotland Yard claimed that almost 100 children were targeted in London alone.

Some have pointed out that curiously, no information other than age appears to have been given out concerning the arrested men. Given the UK’s abysmal history with foreign rape gangs, overwhelmingly composed of Muslim men from Middle Eastern and Asian countries, this may mean this is just another instance in a depressingly steady pattern.

Bradford, described as “multicultural” by Breitbart, was the location of yet another case of child grooming gangs, according to a report from 2018. Of the suspects, 63% were of Pakistani background, and many others from other Asian and African countries, with only a minority being “white British.”

Police also reportedly seized over 60 devices which were used both to exploit children online and store indecent pictures.

According to a detective chief inspector, “Targeted operations like these demonstrate that we take the online sexual exploitation of children in Bradford District seriously and that we will take action against offenders and safeguard those children they have attempted to exploit.”

Unfortunately, the UK’s record on the competency and will of its police in dealing with foreign rape gangs does not inspire confidence. Indeed, tragically, there have been multiple cases of cops themselves participating in the abuse of minors.

Despite the nature of the offences and the stated urgency of the issue, as well as the statements of police praising their own actions, for reasons not clear all of the men were released under investigation or bailed shortly after having been taken into custody, and are presumably roaming free once again as inquiries continue.

This, along with the lack of transparency surrounding the case, certainly does not inspire confidence that British children are being protected as they should be. Unfortunately, even the current Conservative government has proven itself feckless and unwilling to truly tackle or even honestly address this issue which is of such dire and tragic consequence to the most vulnerable of its own citizens.

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