A Broken Clock is Right Twice a Day: Charlie Kirk Calls for Moratorium on All Visas During Wuhan Virus Pandemic

Charlie Kirk, the Founder and President of Turning Point USA, has called for a moratorium on all visas during the Wuhan Virus.

He tweeted, on April 3, 2020, “We need a total moratorium on ALL visas until employment levels go back to pre-pandemic levels—put our citizens first!

BLP covered previous cases of U.S. immigration agencies trying to import migrants while the country was going through a pandemic and numerous shutdowns as state legislatures ordered people to go through de fact house arrests.

Kirk has a track record of being a mass migration booster for years and shamed countries like Japan for its immigration restriction policies.

Due to organic pressure from the right-wing dissident group, the Groypers, Kirk has been forced to take tougher stances on immigration.

Most America First patriots will not be holding their breath for further improvements from Kirk after this Wuhan Virus crisis subsides.

Supporting migration restriction during this pandemic is common sense.

However, in times of normality, people like Kirk cannot be counted on to defend America First policies.

Many of the rights these individuals cherish — from the right to bear arms and free speech — will be in jeopardy thanks to continued mass migration.

America First advocates will have to continue putting the pressure on figures like Kirk so that they hopefully start taking on more nationalist positions on immigration.

However, there will need to be parallel organizations and elected officials who actually believe in nationalist policies to make this agenda a reality.

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