Air Force Academy Suffers 46 Percent Drop in Qualified Applicants in One Year as Woke Military Goes Bust

The Air Force Academy reported a year-over-year loss of 46 percent of qualified applicants as woke ideology takes its toll on American national security.

Overall, the AFA declined by 28 percent in terms of total applications from 2021 to 2022 from 11,615 to 8,393. In terms of “qualified candidates,” the drop off is even more steep. The total number of qualified candidates dropped from 3,279 to 1,775 from 2021 to 2022.

The Air Force is claiming that the drop is due to COVID-19, and these numbers are nothing to be concerned about.

“The Academy believes that cancellation of in-person recruiting and information events across the nation and at the Academy during the height of the pandemic, while a prudent health and safety concern, impacted the overall number of applications for the Class of 2026. With the return of in-person recruiting and information events we are already up nearly 1,700 applications from this point last year,” said Air Force Col. Arthur Primas Jr., the academy’s director of admissions.

The anti-woke organization, Stand Together Against Racism and Radicalism in the Services (STARRS), believes that the recruitment problem is the military’s embrace of woke dogma.

“A major reason, which the Academy will not acknowledge, for the decline in applicants is that the culture of the AFA has changed to promote racial and radical leftist ideologies,” Mike Rose, executive vice president and general counsel for STARRS, told Breitbart News.

“The American people sense that the more you politicize the armed forces, the more potential there is that you’ll have division, not unity, and you’ll lose focus on the mission that you’re actually supposed to be accomplishing,” said STARRS Director of Operations Matthew Lohmeier, a former lieutenant colonel with the Space Force.

Big League Politics has reported on how the woke military is losing the faith of the American people:

A recently released public opinion poll that was covered in The Hill showcased how the U.S. military’s reputation has taken a beating:

The Ronald Reagan Institute just announced that public confidence in the military has continued its precipitous drop. The institute’s November 2021 poll found that only 45 percent of those polled report “a great deal of trust and confidence in the military” — down 25 points in three years. The institute adds “Increasing numbers of Americans say they have little or not much confidence in the military, which is up 15 points in the last three years.”

The military isn’t the only public institution suffering a bad reputation, but it is used to basking in public esteem. As a result, it may not know how to recover.

In the last year, the Pentagon has gone in a decidedly woke direction by putting out recruitment videos extolling woke virtues such as “diversity”, “acceptance” and LGBTQ++ campaigns. 

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