Alabama AG Looking Into Democrats for ‘Russian-Style’ Meddling in Special Senate Election

The Attorney General for the State of Alabama is considering an investigation into “Russian style” election meddling in the 2017 U.S. Senate race between Democrat Doug Jones and Judge Roy Moore.

“Attorney General Steve Marshall said he’s looking into potential illegal activity during the 2017 special Senate race campaign,” said WHNT.

Founder of LinkedIn Reid Hoffman recently apologized for donating $750,000 to a firm called American Engagement Technologies, run by a former Google employee named Mickey Dickerson.

New York Times reported that $100,000 of that donation ended up in the hands of New Knowledge, a cybersecurity firm run by a Democrat operative named Jonathan Morgan.

Morgan allegedly used the money to create thousands of Twitter bots to follow Moore and then claimed publicly that the bots were Russian, feeding off the hysteria pushed by the mainstream press of Russian “meddling” in the 2016 election. He then pushed his bogus scheme on his personal Twitter account, sparking a massive media uproar:

Of course it wasn’t a surprise to Morgan. He created and implemented the “trolls” to begin with.

Morgan’s firm also “created a Facebook page intended to look like the work of conservative Alabamians, and used it to try to split Republicans and promote a conservative write-in candidate to take votes from Mr. Moore,” according to the Times report.

For his part, Morgan categorically denied trying to influence the election, rather claiming that he was just “researching.”

But Morgan might not get off that easily.

“The information is concerning,” Marshall told “The impact it had on the election is something that’s significant for us to explore, and we’ll go from there.”

Moore lost the race by a mere 21,000 votes after this apparent social media swindle, and allegations of sexual abuse. The Judge is currently suing his accusers for defamation. His primary accuser, who has never signed a sworn affidavit formally accusing him, cannot “withstand cross-examination” due to holes in her story and lack of memory of key details, according to a Constitutional attorney in Alabama.

Once again, bad actors in Silicon Valley and within the Democratic party teamed up to take out Republican candidate for office.

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