Amazon Buckles After Big League Coverage, Begs Pro-Trump Coffee Brand To Return

Amazon Begs Covfefe Coffee To Return

After Big League Politics covered Amazon’s decision to remove pro-Trump coffee brand Covfefe Coffee from its platform, the company reached out to Covfefe Coffee to apologize and welcome them back to its platform.

Big League Politics has covered Covfefe Coffee’s many run-ins with the globalist online retail giant, which first demanded it remove the American flag from its advertisements, then claimed its use of “Make America Great Again” could be considered hate speech, and finally removed the coffee brand from its platform after a single user complained to Amazon about the taste of the coffee. (READ MORE: Pro-Trump ‘Covfefe Coffee’ Brand BANNED From Amazon)

After our coverage, Amazon reached out to the company, saying it re-processed the appeal it previously declined twice, and would gladly allow the pro-Trump coffee brand back on its website.

As Covfefe Coffee previously pledged to stop “giving money to [our] political opponents,” it replied to Amazon’s notification with the type of corporate jargon it received numerous times when attempting to receive answers from the retail giant. This response was provided to Big League Politics, and has been edited for brevity.

Dear Amazon,

Thank you for bending the knee to COVFEFE the world’s best coffee. Your cases have been reviewed and you may not continue to have the world’s best coffee on Amazon:

If you would like COVFEFE, the world’s best coffee, on your platform, email your plan of action to <redacted> and include the following information:

– Identify ideologues you employ and fire them
– Go to church
– Have an American Flag in all of your warehouses and recite the “Pledge of Allegiance” every morning

Here are a few things to consider as you create your plan of action:

– Are you an American company or a globalist tool?
– Are you hiring people on merit or people with the correct “groupthink?”
– Do you think targeting businesses with opposing world views is going to go unnoticed?
– Do you honestly believe we think Amazon shutting down our listing, dismissing our initial appeals, and then walking back its decision to shut down our listing a day after conservative outlets report on your shenanigans isn’t politically motivated?
– Are you ready for Donald Trump to be reelected?

God Bless,
COVFEFE: Making Coffee Great!

Big League Politics will continue to detail censorship and economic warfare at the hands of Big Tech giants, as our coverage has previously led Facebook and YouTube to reexamine enforcement decisions.

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