America First Candidate Joey Salads Gets Censored on Instagram

Congressional candidate Joseph “Joey” Saladino faced the wrath of Silicon Valley censors earlier this week.

On Instagram, Saladino has been flagged four times for allegedly violating community guidelines.

Several of Saladino’s politically-themed videos were flagged and even removed “for violence or dangerous organizations.”

On Twitter, Salads saidMy time on Instagram is running low.”

He then received another update stating that “Your Post Goes Against Our Community Guidelines.” BLP reached out to Saldino’s campaign.

A spokesperson, Adam Korzeniewski, told BLP that “Joey has been flagged four times and his political campaign account is in risk of being completely removed from Instagram. We suspect it’s this new attitude of ultra leftwing people trying to mob flag accounts to deplatform them.”

Korzeniewski added that the Saldino campaign is “not surprised about this.” He understands that the campaign “is facing down both the NeoCon right in the primary and the Globalist left in the general election. Both of these groups have in the past made efforts to intimidate Joey and myself in the past. We will not be dissuaded from talking about the truth on any platform.”

This latest incident shows the lengths politically correct censors will go in trying to suppress dissent on social media. Saladino’s campaign is most notable for its strong stance against political correctness and willingness to go to war with the political establishment.

For the voters of New York’s 11th district, Saladino is the only America First candidate on the ballot.

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