NY GOP Chair Raises Cash for #NeverTrump Crony in Primary Against America First Candidate

Outgoing New York State GOP Chairman Ed Cox used his position to fundraise for America First YouTuber Joey Saladino’s primary opponent Nicole Malliotakis.

After Nick Langworthy’s recent victory for GOP state chair, Cox is propping up establishment picks like Malliotakis on his way out the door.

In a fundraising email sent out to NY State GOP donors, Cox gave his warm endorsement of Malliotakis’ campaign.

Malliotakis has a long track record of being a Never Trumper. In a video, Malliotakis revealed that she was “never really a supporter of his [Trump]”. When pressed about any policies Trump passed that she agreed with she said “I don’t know”.

All in all, she wanted Florida Senator Marco Rubio to win the nomination not Trump.


Joey Saladino commented on Cox’s endorsement expressing his disappointment:

I’m disappointed by the email this morning. I knew it was going to be an uphill struggle, but for outgoing Chairman of the New York State GOP to use his position to advance the fundraising efforts for the primary opponent is very disappointing, especially given Nicole Malliotakis’ NeverTrump history.

Saladino contrasted his America First agenda with Malliotakis’s establishment platform:

“Nicole Malliotakis is a hardcore NeverTrumper, and a supporter of the ‘Invade the World, Invite the World’ Neoconservative agenda.”

Saladino’s spokesperson Adam Korzeniewski also opined on Cox’s endorsement of Malliotakis:

We see this email as a sign of weakness and fear by our opponent’s campaign. The opponent’s campaign is filled with smart, committed Republican activists and whatever strings she pulled only undermines their hard-work and commitment. Given her NeverTrump stance and support of the Neoconservative agenda of ‘Invade the World, Invite the World’ she probably needs all the help she can get.


Interestingly, Ed Cox will be joining Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign, which makes Cox’s endorsement of the Never Trumper so early in the primary surprising.

Saladino had kind words for Cox stating that “We hold Ed Cox in the highest esteem. His long running tenure as the New York State GOP Chairman is legendary, where he participated in organizing political battles that were titanic in scale. We wish him the best of luck pushing forward the America First Agenda on the Trump 2020 campaign.”

The Republican primary in New York’s 11th district will be the classic establishment vs. insurgent battle within the GOP.

For those who want to see Trump’s America First vision implemented, Saladino seems to be the preferred choice in New York’s 11th district.




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