America First Congressional Candidate Anthony Sabatini Calls for the Regulation of Big Tech

Florida State Representative and now-congressional candidate Anthony Sabatini has made a name for himself as an unapologetic voice for pro-Second Amendment reforms, immigration patriotism, and Big Tech reform. In the last case, he has been particularly vocal about checking Big Tech’s influence. 

Last week, a federal judge generated controversy after overturning a recently-passed Florida law that made an attempt to limit Big Tech’s power. Sabatini was among the biggest critics of this judge’s decision and declared that Big Tech companies should be subject to the same regulations that common carriers must comply with in Florida. Allum Bokhari of Breitbart News noted that this is “a categorization that would be difficult to shoot down in court.”

At the moment, Sabatini is state representative for Florida’s 32nd district. He is running for Congress in Florida’s 7th congressional district. According to Bokhari, Sabatini “promised to introduce legislation to that effect when the Florida legislature returns to session.” 

“I will be filing this bill in the Florida House this year,” declared Sabatini on Twitter. “We must categorize tech companies as common carriers!”

Bokhari observed that “Regulating tech companies like common carriers is well within the jurisdiction of state governments and legislatures. The state of Texas already has proposed legislation that would do just that.”

In general, Sabatini’s no-holds-bar approach to politics is something libertarians and right-wingers should follow. His willingness to push for an immigration moratorium and hot-button legislation like Constitutional Carry shows an aggressive political mindset that has been missing inside of the Republican Party for some time.

Forget debates about anarcho capitalism or other obscure political topics, now is time for candidates and political operatives to take firm stances on the pressing issues of the day and use them to score points against the Left.

Anthony Sabatini is one of the few people who actually gets this and is building a campaign that looks to be the most exciting to watch in the 2022 election cycle. 

Hopefully, more America First nationalists follow in Sabatini’s footsteps.

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