America First Primary Challenger Criticizes Scott Perry for His Pro-War Vote

U.S. Congressman Scott Perry was one of 129 Republicans who voted to condemn President Donald Trump’s withdrawal of troops from northern Syria.

Clearly going against President Trump’s America First model, Perry decided to join fellow neoconservatives and neoliberals in preserving the status quo of never-ending wars.

Perry’s vote to maintain perpetual conflict in the Middle East did not go unnoticed.

Bobby Jeffries, the congressional candidate for Pennsylvania’s 10th district, laid into Perry for his pro-war vote.

In a statement to BLP, Jeffries wrote that Trump was elected “to withdraw our troops from endless foreign wars where our inherent interests are just not clear.”

Jeffries intends to unseat Perry in the Republican primaries, believing that he offers a true, America First perspective.

With Perry voting to keep the conflict in Syria going, Jeffries might be onto something.

Jeffries declared that Perry “betrayed the president and committed himself to perpetual war, and the promise of more American money and blood wasted some 7000 miles from home.”

In the America First candidate’s view, Perry’s vote was a betrayal of both President Trump and his many supporters.

Instead, Jeffries called for Perry to “be concentrating on solving the problems we have here in Pennsylvania, not on wasting billions of dollars and precious Americans lives in century-old foreign conflicts where we have no business.” The American First candidate noted that “Being a responsive and effective leader for the people of Pennsylvania’s 10th congressional district is the driving purpose behind my campaign.”

Perry represents the typical neocon incumbent who is beholden to defense interest groups and cares more about maintaining his standing with D.C. elites. Jeffries also points out that Perry is a bandwagon hopper of sorts who was not very vocal in defending Trump at first. But when Trump’s successful economic policies took root, Perry found it convenient to get on board the Trump train.

Jeffries sees this as politics as usual and instead uses the example of Congressman Matt Gaetz of Florida as the kind of ally that Trump needs in Congress. Jeffries believes that his election could give Trump another Gaetz-like congressman that will fight for fiercely for his nationalist agenda.

Perry’s recent pro-war vote just demonstrates that he is more of the same. A candidate like Jefferies would put Pennsylvania’s 10th district on the right path.




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