American Pharisees Rail Against Christian Revival Pushed by General Michael Flynn and Roger Stone

The modern-day equivalent of Pharisees in America are raging out against a revival of Christianity being pushed by patriots like General Michael Flynn and Roger Stone.

They are particularly disturbed by ReAwaken America rallies, which have been held across the country in the wake of the 2020 vote steal. This has allowed dissidents to get verboten truths about election fraud, COVID-19 vaccine side-effects, and the deep state out to the masses .

Far-left Christians who preach Marxism from the pulpit are threatened by authentic Christianity spreading rapidly across America.

“This ReAwaken tour is peddling dangerous lies about both the election and the pandemic,” Adam Russell Taylor, the president of Sojourners, said to the Guardian. “Jesus taught us that the truth will set us free, and these lies hold people captive to these dangerous falsehoods. They also exacerbate the toxic polarization we’re seeing in both the church and the wider society.”

“Christian nationalism is a threat to the church because those peddling it wrap this ideology in biblical language and imagery. Christian nationalism is wrong as a matter of Christian ethics. The Bible is not confined to a nation much less a party or list of policy positions,” said Amanda Tyler, who works as the executive director of the Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty.

“The ReAwaken America tour is a gross distortion of Christianity and it’s up to Christian leaders in the areas the tour visits to speak out against this ideology,” she added.

Big League Politics has reported on American right-wing leaders pushing back against attacks on Christian Nationalism:

The anti-Christian media has been hard at work with leftist politicians and interest groups to target believers across the country with slander and propaganda, attempting to prop up and demonize the term “Christian nationalism.” But some conservatives are standing up and fighting back.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) released a video on Friday, boldly owning the term leftists are trying to weaponize against Christians: Christian nationalism. “If ‘Christian nationalism’ is something to be scared of, they’re lying to you. And they’re lying to you on purpose, because that is exactly the temperature change that is happening in America today and they can’t control it; they can’t control it, and that’s what terrifies them the most,” Greene declared in her warning to believers in the U.S.

As Christians increase their push against the nation’s decline, the media is aiming to silence them through fear.”

Christian Nationalists should continue preaching the word of Jesus as it should be taught. They are forcing the modern Pharisees to show their hand. Christian Nationalists are turning the tables on the corrupt establishment.

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