America’s Largest Union Federation Posts Literal Communist Propaganda, Urges Seizing Means of Production

Americas Largest Union Federation Communist

The American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations, which has over 12 million members, posted a message and video to Twitter promoting communist propaganda.

“We all need to seize the means of production,” wrote the platform on Twitter, alongside a 2 minute video explaining Marxist class theory. The video shows a burly, unshaven man in a sweatshirt who professes to be a roofer. He informs the viewer that regardless of their wealth, if they do not own “the means of production” then they are part of the working class.

“Most people, like 90 percent of us, are working class and do not own the means of production,” said the man who is identified as Dylan Whelan, a roofer and Marxist.

“Damn,” he added.

According to the speaker, “Viewing class in a proper context allows us to present the argument that the middle class, frequently alluded to in conventional media and politics, is a fiction that deliberately obscures the relationship and conflict between workers and the owners of society.”

Some very complex ideas for the manual laborer.

“Take it from a roofer, you’re working class, and we’re in this fight together. The idea that a large percentage of people live as some sort of middle class, removed from the inherent conflict between workers and owners, is a fiction.”

He added that this “fiction” has outlived its usefulness in American public discourse, and encouraged workers to rise up and seize the means of production. Something that was tried in the Soviet Union, Venezuela, North Korea, and countless failed socialist countries around the world.

The speaker also completely overlooks the millions of small business owners, who are definitely not getting rich from owning the “means of production.”

According to Chron, the average small business owner makes between roughly $35,000 and $75,000 per year, meaning roofers, factory workers, and other “workers” may be taking home more money than a significant portion of society’s “owners.”

For context, there are 28 million small businesses in the United States according to Town Squared, and as many as 22 million are owned by sole proprietors or individual owners who do not have employees.

This turn toward communist rhetoric for AFL-CIO is not new.

Last week, Big League Politics revealed that AFL-CIO posted a meme calling for the beheading of the CEO of Delta after someone snapped a photo of a Delta sign encouraging its employees not to join a union.

Big League Politics reported:

After individuals started uploading a photo of an anti-union Delta sign that read in bold lettering, “Union dues cost around $700 a year” and in the subtext “A new video game system with the latest hits sounds like fun, put your money towards that instead of paying dues to the union” the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations posted a sign edited in Photoshop in response.

The now-deleted tweet read, “Shame on @Delta, here’s an alternative.” It contained the same sign, edited to show a guillotine instead of a video game controller, and read “A guillotine only costs $1,200 to build” with the subtext “Delta’s CEO made $13.2 million last year. Get outside with your buddies, share some brews–sounds like fun.”

Appearing to develop a pattern, earlier this year another union representative wished for a “gruesome” death for Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos for daring to challenge the supreme authority of the country’s public school unions.

It appears modern unions may have outlived their utility, and are now simply parroting Marxist and communist talking points.


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