An America First Patriot is Challenging Dan Crenshaw in Next Year’s GOP Primary. Here’s Why.

Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) has been pushed relentlessly by the Republican Party establishment as a new leader, with his support for climate change policy, red flag laws and endless wars making him an ideal standard bearer for globalism.

However, America First patriot Mike Billand is hoping to end Crenshaw’s political career before he can co-opt MAGA and return the Republican Party to the Bush-era doldrums. He spoke to Media Right News about his nascent candidacy.

Billand is described in the profile as “a blue-collar American who works hard and doesn’t plan to be beholden to ideologies backed by large corporations and special interest groups that plague both parties.”

Additionally, Billand is a staunch supporter of the free market, contending that “you can’t legislate economic equality.” He challenges the socialism of the far-left legislative “Squad” by opposing a student loan debt bailout.

Billand stands firmly “against illegal immigration” and “against any illegitimate claims to asylum” in contrast to Crenshaw’s support for amnesty. His words also make it clear he is a strong constitutionalist.

“The very core of our founding was the overthrowing of a corrupt, elitist, class. Who left our founding fathers with no other reasonable course of action than to declare independence. We must take back our country, liberty, and freedom of conscience. Vote them out,” he wrote in a tweet.

Big League Politics has reported about Crenshaw’s history of hating former president Donald Trump and opposing Christian values before he was elected to office:

Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) likes to market himself to the MAGA faithful these days, but when Trump was running for President, he found himself among the ‘Never Trump’ faithful.

In a since-deleted Facebook post, Crenshaw responded to a video about Biblical verses that are deemed harsh by the Left. He used it as an opportunity to bash not only Trump, but also throw Christianity under the bus.

“This video actually shows that western civilization, largely founded on Christian values, has progressed and reformed to be what it is today,” he wrote. “Those violent biblical verses are shocking to modern day Christians because we grew out of that a LONG time ago.”

Crenshaw followed his anti-Christian remark up with a tacit endorsement of gay marriage, criticizing modern Christians who oppose the anti-biblical practice.

“The worst thing modern Christianity currently stands for is anti-homosexual marriage, which is a far cry from sex slaves, sharia law, and beheadings,” Crenshaw wrote.

This is when he launched attacks against Trump because the future president spoke harshly about the importation of Muslims from countries that hate America.

“Trump’s insane rhetoric is hateful, yes. But worse, it takes away from a much more important conversation: the reform of Islam. There are plenty of moderate Muslims who could lead this effort, but they are hindered by America’s divided stance on the issue,” Crenshaw wrote.

“On the one hand you have idiots like Trump, and on the other you have equally ignorant liberals who refuse to acknowledge a problem at all,” Crenshaw added. “The rest of us in the middle are getting sick of it.”

Billand is trying to bag one of the biggest and most dangerous RINOs out there. He deserves credit for attempting to end the career of McCain 2.0.


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