Ann Coulter Puts The Military Industrial Complex in Her Crosshairs

One of the fiercest proponents of an America First immigration policy, Ann Coulter understands the true nature of the military-industrial complex.

On June 20, 2019, when President Donald Trump decided to pull back from a decision to use missile strikes against Iran, the entire Twitter verse went nuts.



Many on the neoconservative side of Twitter, were disappointed with Trump’s inaction on Iran. However, the more non-interventionist/patriot side of Twitter voiced their approval for Trump’s restraint.

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter understands what is truly at play. That day on Twitter she said, “Bush ran on a “humble” foreign policy – Iraq & Afghanistan; Obama won by being more anti-war than Hillary, then sent MORE troops to unending Afghanistan War; Trump said Bush “lied” us into war & swept the primaries. We vote and we vote and we vote — and Boeing always wins.”

Coulter is a fierce proponent of strong borders and a restrictive immigration policy. Indeed, she has come around to the issue of foreign policy. While formerly a supporter of George W. Bush’s failed Iraq War, Coulter has changed her views on the issue of foreign policy interventionism in the past few years. Many paleoconservative commentators for years have noted that foreign policy interventionism distracts from the very real threat of mass migration at our door.

When a country has over 800 bases and is constantly saber-rattling abroad, it becomes clear that focusing on actual national defense and protecting national sovereignty are low priorities for the country. These conflicts also generate refugee crises which eventually wash up on our shores. Thanks to a virtue signaling media and their companions in D.C., we are ultimately shamed into accepting these migrants into the country, economic and social consequences be damned.

It’s the embodiment of the saying “Invade the World, Invite the World”. The interventionist, mass migration pipeline is real and some on the Right are starting to recognize this toxic dynamic. Let’s hope more follow.



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