Ann Coulter Urges Trump To Snub Twitter, Join Free Speech-Supporting Gab

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter, who is one of 46 people President Donald Trump follows, urged the President to  join Gab, which is a free speech alternative to Twitter.

Gab has been growing in prominence in the past few months after the banning of a number of prominent users, including Big League Politics contributor Laura Loomer, who now has a Gab account.

The reason for Gab’s growing prominence is their absolutist free speech policy. With very few exceptions, you have the right to say whatever you want on the platform without fear of being suspended.

Gab also has safeguards against your privacy, allowing you to control your data on the platform. And unlike Twitter, they will not comply with anti-free speech demands for user data from foreign governments.

If President Trump were to leave Twitter, and instead use a service like Gab, it would be devastating for big tech.

Entire news cycles are based on Trump’s Twitter, with it becoming his messaging platform of choice.

When he has an announcement to make, he can make it directly on Twitter, without having to go through the filter of the mainstream media.

But with many of his most loyal supporters being thrown off the site, it doesn’t make much sense for him to stay. Gab is a website that will welcome both Trump, and his most loyal supporters with open arms.

Speaking to Andrew Torba, who is the CEO of Gab, he praises Coulter as a national treasure, and mirrors her encouragement to President Trump.

“Ann Coulter is a national treasure who has supported free speech and Gab’s mission of defending it for all people for many years now,” Torba said. “If the President takes her advice and promotes Gab, the de facto market leader in alternative social networks, it would be a game changer for liberty online.”

Gab already appears to have an account reserved for the President, using the same @realDonaldTrump username, so it wouldn’t be a difficult switch.

That’s why Big League Politics is now on Gab, where you can follow us at @bigleaguepol, along with the author of this article, Luke Rohlfing, at @lukerohlfing.


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