Anti-American ‘Orders Project’ is Encouraging Military to Stand Down to Leftist Terrorists After the Election

A sniper school instructor at Fort Benning, Georgia, inspects camouflage after students prepared the top of their ghillie suits. (Army photo by Don Wagner)

An organization of attorneys, calling themselves The Orders Project, is effectively encouraging military personnel to refuse orders to keep peace in the streets following the election if left-wing ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter terrorists lay waste to cities.

Washington D.C. National Guard Major Adam DeMarco, a Democrat operative who ran unsuccessfully for U.S. Senate in Maryland in 2018, is exploiting his military bona fides to push his left-wing partisan agenda against President Trump with the help of the fake news media. He is complaining that the National Guard did too much to prevent rioting terrorists from spreading their orgy of destruction following the death of crackhead serial felon George Floyd in Minneapolis.

“In the days following June 1, I struggled to process what had taken place, to the point where I was sleeping very little,” said DeMarco. “I knew something was wrong, but I didn’t know what.”

“I am in a position as a major in the U.S. Army National Guard where I can do something, and that’s why I decided to come forward,” he added.

DeMarco is a posterchild for The Orders Project, a left-wing lawfare group that is attempting to convince U.S. troops to stand down and allow the country to be decimated by anarchists who want President Trump removed from office following the election.

“I don’t have a crystal ball. Events have been unfolding in ways that no one could have predicted,” said Eugene Lidell, director of The Orders Project.

“The first line of defense for people in the service who need some guidance should be the services themselves,” Lidell added.

Before he was director of The Orders Project, Lidell served as legal counsel for disgraced deserter Bowe Bergdahl, who went AWOL on his fellow troops in Afghanistan and was later detained by terrorists. He was influential in helping Bergdahl escape jailtime for his cowardly actions after former President Barack H. Obama set Islamic terrorists free to retrieve Bergdahl from captivity. Lidell admits that his latest scheme may put soldiers in harm’s way.

“The person who disobeys an order does so at his or her peril. I mean, you’re kind of rolling the dice,” Lidell said.

The Orders Project is another aspect of the color revolution coup that has been launched by the globalists to oust President Trump regardless of the will of the voters, which Big League Politics has reported on extensively:

Political advisor and former Trump speechwriter Darren Beattie appeared on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Tuesday to explain what is happening to President Donald Trump.

Beattie told Carlson that the globalist elites are fomenting a “color revolution” to remove Trump from office regardless of the election results in November. This is something the deep state does to foment regime change, usually in Eastern Europe, but this time they are running the familiar model in America against Trump.

“Many have described the actions taken against Trump as a coup, and this is certainly correct, but it’s a little bit general and vague. What’s unfolding before our eyes if a very specific type of coup called the color revolution,” Beattie explained.

“It has several characteristics but the chief characteristics of it is the combination of an engineered contested election scenario combined with massive mobilized protests,” he added.

Beattle explained to Carlson that there are actors in the state department who are experts in color revolution working against Trump. These individuals have not been purged despite extremely disloyal behavior against the president. He pointed to Brookings Institution senior fellow Norm Eisen, who Beattie claims serves as a”nexus point between lawfare and mass mobilization.”

“He’s been behind over 180 lawsuits against Trump. He authored 10 articles of impeachment before the president’s phone call [with Ukraine] was even made. He was special counsel for Democrats for the impeachment process. He was literally involved in every aspect of this color revolution against Trump,” Beattle said, explaining that Eisen is going “to use lawfare in order to overturn the 2020 election.”

… While the Democrats have already crippled American life with the scamdemic and laid waste to American cities with the black lives matter terror uprising, that all may just be pretext for a vote steal in November that will tear the nation apart for good.

The globalists have attempted to deceive military personnel that Trump is against them even though he has fought tirelessly to keep them out of harm’s way in the Middle East. This shameful, anti-American gaslighting attempt to make the troops the pawns of ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter is not likely to succeed.

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