Antifa Groups Plan “Border Resistance” Tour to Subvert Immigration Enforcement

A coalition of leftist and ANTIFA-linked groups are planning a new ten-day tour meant to directly challenge immigration law enforcement at the U.S-Mexico border and throughout the homeland.

The tour is being advertised at as “10 days of trainings and direct actions for the Border Resistance Convergence in El Paso, TX – September 1-10th. We are calling on affinity groups everywhere to come together and help us address US-funded genocide and local concentration camps.”

The organizers of the Border Resistance tour make it clear that they are “very much relying on white comrades to donate money and throw down on renting temporary spaces for our more vulnerable friends.

It’s unclear if participants are planning on directly challenging lawful immigration enforcement, or merely “training” leftist troublemakers in protest tactics.

A Facebook event page for the Border Resistance Tour has more than a hundred individuals signed up as either “Interested” or “Going” as of Tuesday night.

Leftist and ANTIFA-linked troublemakers have shown themselves increasingly willing to deploy violent tactics in attempts to disrupt the activities of immigration enforcement agencies such as CBP and ICE. A Portland leftist named Willem Van Spronsen was killed by police after he threw an incendiary device at an ICE detention center, while wielding a home-made AR-15-style rifle.

Unfortunately for the Border Resistance organizers, it appears they may have to deal with the likes of patriotic Americans should they choose to become violent during the ten-day tour, which spans from Santa Cruz to Chicago (The organizers are also promoting an event at the El Paso border in September). Trump supporters have taken the opportunity to sign up for the tour on the group’s rideshare page, possibly to serve as a deterrent to any potential criminal activity.


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