ANTIFA Terrorists Urge Leftists to Throw Milkshakes on U.S. Right-Wing Politicians

With Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party expected to make incredible gains in today’s elections, the British Left has resorted to throwing milkshakes on right-wing politicians and activists in an attempt to shame them.

An elderly war veteran was doused with a milkshake while performing political activism at a polling location earlier today.

Now, ANTIFA terrorists are agitating to import this type of violent atmosphere across the pond. ANTIFA social media accounts, allowed to remain active by Big Tech despite constantly fomenting hatred, are encouraging their activists to milkshake right-wing politicians in the U.S.

It has already begun, with a billboard advertising a campaign against Somali migrant Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) getting milkshaked by an incited leftist.

ANTIFA thugs have already been activated and are salivating at the opportunity to use the milkshake as the new instrument of their domestic terror campaign.

The British war veteran, who was targeted by the liberal with the milkshake today, noted that this type of political violence could easily escalate.

“Whatever you are voting, it’s a democracy. We should be able to have a say without acts of violence. This could have been acid or anything,” he said.

The Brexit Party is expected to make historic gains during today’s elections for European Parliament in Britain, despite the milkshaking trend promoted by the mainstream media.

During Trump’s re-election campaign next year, Republican Party activists should expect flying milkshakes and worse instances of violence as liberals show their true colors while their control slips away.

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