ANTIFA Throws What Appears to Be a BOMB At the Hatfield Federal Courthouse

Left-wing terrorists deployed what appears to be an improvised explosive device against a door of the Hatfield Federal Courthouse on Monday night, in an escalation of the violence leftists have directed towards federal personnel at the facility.

Most rioters seemed pleased by the use of the potent explosive, which could’ve easily seriously injured or killed someone.

Another view:

Unfortunately, federal law enforcement at the courthouse continues to treat the criminals as if they’ve merited nothing more than a brisk tap on the shoulder for their terroristic activities. They make arrests in the single digits on most nights, when dozens of ANTIFA criminals can be seen on camera assaulting police with fireworks, damaging federal property, and rioting.

One Portland rioter had been arrested in possession of a pipe bomb, an improvised explosive that could be used to kill multiple people.

These aren’t little kids playing around. They cannot be allowed to bomb a federal courthouse with impunity.

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