ANTIFA Turns on Christian Exoo, a.k.a. AntiFash Gordon, Over Repeated Allegations of Sexual Abuse

Notorious doxxer and left-wing terror advocate Christian Exoo, who uses the alias AntiFash Gordon (AFG), is being thrown under the bus by his ANTIFA brethren over allegations of being a serial pervert guilty of sexual impropriety.

“AFG uses the network of clout he has cultivated to create rewards for his inner circle, much of which consists of women and people of marginalized genders and identities. He has also weaponized his clout in an effort to discourage various collectives from working with one another, for romantic as well as professional reasons,” a coalition of ANTIFA groups wrote in their disavowal letter of AFG. 

“This pattern of isolating collectives and crews from each other is consistent with the manipulative behavior he practices in his interpersonal relationships. It tilts an already-lopsided power dynamic even further in his favor, rather than supporting individuals and researchers for the advancement of collective goals,” they wrote.

The influential Torch Network ANTIFA coalition also piled on and disavowed AFG for his alleged sex abuse and other shady behavior.

“As a network we have spoken to the authors of that piece and multiple people who have been harmed by Gordon. The accounts from those individuals show a clear pattern of emotional and financial abuse. We have supported some of those individuals through their process of writing the statement, linked above, relating their experiences and concerns,” the Torch Network wrote. 

“As members of the Torch Network, we believe that abuse has no place in our organizing community. In addition to supporting the affected individuals, we wanted to address specific issues we have seen and experienced with Antifash Gordon’s brand of antifascist activism, since we believe these issues to be directly related to his abusive patterns of behavior,” they added.

Exoo is completely undeterred after being exposed, vowing to continue directing targeted harassment campaigns over his Twitter platform:

Big League Politics has reported about Exoo’s reputation as a dirtbag, standing out even among other far-left lowlifes:

A former employee with the New York Daily News has filed a lawsuit alleging that St. Lawrence University allowed one of their ANTIFA-affiliated staff members to extort his firing from the newspaper.

In the lawsuit, defendants are listed as Christian M. Exoo, the New York Daily News, St. Lawrence University, Tribune Publishing Company, Twitter executive Vijaya Gadde, Twitter Inc., and Cohen, Weiss and Simon LLP. The lawsuit was filed Monday in U.S. District Court in New Jersey by Daniel D’Ambly.

D’Ambly claims in the lawsuit that he was doxxed by Exoo, a notorious ANTIFA terrorist who leads targeted harassment campaigns against his opponents on social media. D’Ambly lays out how Exoo’s operation works in coordinated fashion to threaten employers in order to facilitate a target’s “exit from society.”

D’Ambly was targeted by Exoo for his participation in the New Jersey European Heritage Association, which Exoo claims without evidence is a white supremacist organization. Because of D’Ambly’s political opinions, he was ultimately fired from his job. This is how Big Brother operates to crush dissent in the age of leftist-driven globalism.

The lawsuit also alleges that St. Lawrence University is well-aware of Exoo’s activities and allows him to use their computer systems to commit his digital terror campaigns against free speech. This is not an unfamiliar story, as college campuses are well-known to be hotbeds for marxists, communists, pedophiles, and other leftist dregs of society.

“St. Lawrence consents to Exoo’s use of St. Lawrence property to direct the enterprise, and participates in the Exoo Enterprise, because they believe the patterns of racketeering activities help St. Lawrence’s (sic) achieve their global mission,” the suit reads.”

Exoo has been protected by the globalist establishment, including monolithic social media corporations and prestigious universities. Some would even argue they are junior partners in any predatory behavior that Exoo may have committed throughout his years as a subversive militant.

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