Appomattox County in Virginia Gives Refugee Resettlement the Cold Shoulder

Ann Corcoran of Refugee Resettlement Watch applauded Appomattox County for becoming the first county in Virginia to reject refugee resettlement.

With Virginia going blue, many grassroots activists are worrying that the state would start embracing radical leftist causes.

Other states such as North Dakota have greenlit refugee resettlement within their state.

However, there are still pockets of resistance in the Old Dominion.

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam has expressed his desire to bring in more refugees. He probably recognizes their potential as a solid Democratic voting segment in a not too distant future, should they become naturalized.

Corcoran also observes that this move came in the middle of a time when Virginia counties across the state are becoming Second Amendment sanctuaries and preparing themselves to reject gun control coming from Richmond.

After voting to support a resolution in which Appomattox County refused to be a host to refugee resettlement, Chairman Samuel Carter claimed that the county is “economically depressed.”

He added that the county would have to provide the refugees with safety, education, and housing.

“Finding the appropriate property in all to house this,” stated Carter. “Is this going to interfere with future buildings or structures?”

Refugee resettlement programs like these are designed to destabilize communities and a create a future pool of voters for Democrats and other globalist entities in the near future.

All red counties across the nation should stand against these schemes.

Localism may be the only option for right wing constituencies that are increasingly being disposed by powerful globalist interests.

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