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Border Security

As Border Crisis Worsens, ICE Pampers Transgender Migrants at Detainment Camps

ICE is celebrating Pride Month in the name of social justice.



As an unprecedented national emergency at the U.S. southern border continues to worsen, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is promoting how tolerant they are toward transgender migrants to celebrate Pride Month.

A video released by ICE showed government personnel performing a host of services to make transgender migrants feel comfortable and pampered while they are held in a facility as they attempt to gain refugee status.

Transgender migrants were shown how to braid their hair to accentuate their femininity, working on their gardening skills, using elliptical machines, shooting hoops, playing volleyball, enjoying meals, writing leisurely, enjoying medical care, reading in a library, using computers, singing songs, and getting access to subsidized legal services to help them become legal U.S. residents.

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ICE released tweets showing the world their “Dedicated Transgender Unit” at the Cibola County Correctional Center in Milan, NM.

While ICE focuses on virtue signaling for the LGBT community, the border crisis is worse than ever. Recent data shows that African migrants are pouring across the U.S. southern border in record numbers.

“We are continuing to see a rise in apprehensions of immigrants from countries not normally encountered in our area,” said Raul Ortiz, who works as the head of the U.S. Border Patrol’s Del Rio sector.

Over 500 African migrants were found coming across the border by the Border Patrol’s Del Rio sector in just one week. That dwarfs the 211 African migrants that were found crossing the border during the entire year of 2018.

Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Kevin McAleenan addressed troubling numbers last week showing how migrants are skipping hearings meant to adjudicate their asylum status and thus flooding the nation as federal officials lack the resources to stop the invasion.

“Out of those 7,000 cases, 90 received final orders of removal in absentia, 90 percent,” McAleenan said to Sen Lindsey Graham (R-SC) during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, describing the results of a DHS pilot program tracking families making asylum requests.

“90 percent did not show up?” Graham asked.

“Correct. That is a recent sample from families crossing the border,” McAleenan replied.

ICE would be wise to put 100 percent of their resources toward solving a crisis that is an existential threat to the future of the U.S. rather than worrying about the feelings of a population predisposed for mental illness and lascivious behavior.

Border Security

Border Patrol Expects 13,000 Illegal Alien Minors to Arrive at the Border in May ALONE

A consequence of Biden’s open borders policy.



Customs and Border Patrol is expecting more than 13,000 unaccompanied minor illegal aliens to arrive at the US-Mexico border in the month of May alone, bracing for unprecedented ‘caravan’ style migration to the United States as President Joe Biden dismantles ICE and opens the immigration system to dubious asylum seekers.

A CBP official provided the projection to the Biden administration on Thursday. The already increasing arrival of child migrants during Biden’s presidency have revealed the “kids in cages” talking point of the Left and the media to be little more than a political prop, with CBP and DHS detaining the minors in the exact same detention facilities.

We’re seeing the highest February numbers than we’ve ever seen in the history of the [Unaccompanied Alien Child] program,” a CBP official was quoted as telling Axios on Thursday. The border agency expects caravan-style migration to pick up in earnest in the spring months, possibly presenting a genuine border crisis for Biden, who has promised to obey a strict ‘America Last’ approach to the border and immigration.

The federal government was never going to release minors from another country onto the streets of the United States without the support of relatives, or hand them off to the already troubled group home system.

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Biden’s de facto invitation of illegal immigration will prove to be an invitation for dangerous journeys from minors from Central America and Mexico. Human smugglers often utilize supposed minors to pose as family units in hopes of amnesty from the United States. Many of the unaccompanied minors who arrive in the United States have been instructed to come to the country in hopes of enabling legal residency for the adult family.

The Biden administration is actively expanding minor detention centers in response to the current surge of illegal immigration, with previous faux-moral sanctimony about ‘kids in cages’ demonstrated to be little more than political propaganda. If you don’t want to detain illegal alien minors in federal facilities, don’t create border policies that serve as a de facto invitation for smugglers to traffic them.

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