As CNN Sinks, Tucker Carlson Draws Three Times As Many Viewers During Prime Time

Tucker Carlson CNN Ratings

As CNN’s ratings continue to plummet, Fox News’ program “Tucker Carlson Tonight” now draws three times the audience of CNN’s competing cable news program “Anderson Cooper 360”.

On Friday night, Adweek reported that Tucker Carlson received just over 2.5 million viewers, continuing a strong ratings performance that Big League Politics has tracked for months. Carlson’s show, “Tucker Carlson Tonight”, has steadily risen in the ratings and now competes head to head with Fox News’ “Hannity”, a program and host who have enjoyed the same time slot for a decade.

CNN, the far left network, is not faring nearly as well in the ratings competition.

Both broadcasting at at 8 p.m., CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360” drew in only 839,000 viewers on Friday night, continuing a dismal trend of low ratings for the once respected cable news network.

In fact, with 2.5 million viewers, Carlson’s audience is now almost precisely three times as large as Cooper’s.

The rest of the night did not improve for CNN, either.

Both Sean Hannity and CNN had special events during the 9 p.m. hour on Friday, but Hannity received just over 2.6 million viewers, while CNN only garnered 896,000. Then, at 10 p.m., Fox News’ Laura Ingraham had just under 2 million viewers, while CNN’s ratings took another dip to 858,000 total viewers.

This total ratings collapse during prime time American television is likely why CNN is being forced to downsize.

The network previously allowed 100 employees to take voluntary buyouts and leave their jobs three weeks ago, and just days ago it fired most of its health department in another cost saving initiative.

Just today it was reported that the network will also fire all of its London-based correspondents, and allow them to reapply for their jobs.

As ratings continue to collapse for CNN, there is no clear sense of where rock bottom may be for the previously well-watched network.

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