ASU President Forces Masks On Students, Speaks Maskless At His Own Summit

On Wednesday Arizona State University President Michael Crow took to Instagram to share a photo of himself at a recent summit he helps run called the ASU + GSV Summit. The Summit appears to be a very large event, with pages of speaker after speaker being found on the website.

There was just one peculiar thing about a photo from a speech Crow delivered: he is in a very large and crowded room with no mask to be found, directly in contradiction to ASU’s forced masking policy for the upcoming semester.

The event also reportedly had at least thousands of attendees.

In the website’s own words, the Summit’s mission is to ‘connect leading minds focused on transforming society and business around learning and work. Their north star is that ALL people have equal access to the future.’

Past keynotes at the ASU GSV Summit include Bill Gates, Marian Wright Edelman, Tony Blair, Howard Schultz, President George Bush, Priscilla Chan, Reed Hastings, Common, Angela Duckworth, Sal Khan, Steve Case, Cindy McCain, Carla Harris.

Sponsors for the event include Arizona State University and a myriad of powerful organizations including Amazon, AT&T, Goldman Sachs, and the Chan-Zuckerberg Foundation.

The school President Crow runs has made headlines recently, making recent moves to force masks on students seemingly in direct violation of a recent executive order by the governor.

Crow speaking at the ASU + GSV Summit without a mask

Crow has yet to justify why he continues to attend large-scale events maskless as he simultaneously imposes draconian rules on students and affiliates of Arizona State University.

In response to the measures that ASU plans on soon implementing, the Maricopa County Young Republicans have arranged a #FreeASU Protest taking place on Friday, August 13th at 10:00 am to speak out against the unlawful mandate. The protest will be located at Arizona State University’s Hayden Library and will feature Arizona Gubiernatroial candidate Kari Lake among others.

Whether students and faculty at Arizona State University will continue to put up with such blatant hypocrisy remains to be seen.

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