At Least 100 Afghan Refugees Flagged on Terror Watch List, One With ISIS Ties

Reports have emerged revealing that as many as 100 of the Afghan nationals airlifted from Kabul in the wake of the country’s capitulation to the Taliban are on a Department of Defense watchlist for possible terrorist sympathies and activities.

Defense One reported on Tuesday that 100 of the evacuees were flagged through the use of biometric identification systems. It’s possible that the terror persons of interest were previously detained in Afghan government or American jails, where their information would’ve been collected by authorities.

One evacuee is being detained for further questioning in Qatar, with American authorities suspicious of their possible involvement with the Islamic State’s “Khorasan” affiliate in Afghanistan. The Islamic State is a fierce enemy of the Taliban, seeing the Pashtun group as insufficient in its adherence to Sharia law and an obstacle to its goal of ruling Afghanistan by itself.

Defense One’s reporting on the development was published when a mere 7,000 persons were evacuated from Kabul. Since then, President Biden has bragged about moving more than 70,000 people from Afghanistan to various third countries such as Qatar. It’s almost certain that many more potential terrorists have eeked through the system, many of whom haven’t been logged into biometric ID systems by the United States government.

The evacuees airlifted from the Kabul airport are not only overwhelmingly citizens of Afghanistan- as opposed to American citizens stranded in the country- but they’re predominantly young, fighting-age men, those who one might expect to resist the Taliban offensive in combat. Critics of the refugee resettlement operations have questioned as to why evacuation operations don’t seem to prioritize women and children, who stand threatened by the Taliban takeover of their country.

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