At Least Eight Patriots Who Attended Jan. 6 Rally Won Election on Tuesday

While the fake news media attempts to gaslight the public into believing that the Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol rally was some type of insurrection or deadly coup attempt, the masses don’t seem to be buying it.

In fact, Jan. 6 patriots who showed up to the U.S. Capitol to oppose election fraud are finding their way into positions of higher authority as the Red Wave begins. Liberals are freaking out as a result of these results from Tuesday’s election.

The Huffington Post has reported that Dave LaRock and John McGuire were re-elected to their posts in the Virginia House of Delegates while non-incumbent Marie March won a post to the Virginia House of Delegates. All three attended the protest on Jan. 6.

Additionally, Natalie Jangula was elected to a post in Nampa, Idaho; Christine Ead was elected to a post in Watchung, New Jersey; Susan Soloway was re-elected to the board of directors in Hunterdon County, New Jersey; and Matthew Lynch won a school committee seat in Braintree, Massachusetts.

Lynch had been forced to resign from Braintree High School where he was a teacher for ten years for attending the Jan. 6 protest.

“Unfortunately as the times change and situations evolve, I can no longer be true to myself while service [sic] the role as a Braintree Public School Teacher,” Lynch wrote in his resignation notice. 

“My military experience as an Intelligence Analyst has given me unique perspective on what is currently going on in both our country and our town and I fear we are heading on a real collision course. I feel I need to make my voice heard in the town of Braintree but in doing so will have unintended side effects which will be completely unfair to my students,” he added.

However, now he is back in a role of authority, as the public realizes that Jan. 6 wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. More evidence is emerging that the feds may have created the violence at what was otherwise a peaceful rally.

Big League Politics has reported on how it is being admitted publicly that the FBI is known to stir up groups into committing acts of violence to advance their own aims:

A Politico reporter admitted during a recent MSNBC appearance that it is “kind of normal” for the FBI and other federal agencies to infiltrate movements and stoke violence.

Politico reporter Betsy Woodruff Swan made this stunning admission while appearing on MSNBC to demonize Trump supporters as domestic terrorists.

“In addition to the preponderance of evidence from just about every single three-letter agency in the federal government that domestic terrorism has become a significant lethal threat to safety in this country, people can also just trust their own eyes. There’s so much video, so many photos, so much first-hand documentary evidence of what happened at January 6th that anyone who is remotely connected to reality can look at the pictures and the video and see that it is absolute lunacy and denialism to suggest that what happened on that day was anything other than a violent attack on American democracy. It’s just wacky,” she said.

Swan then admitted that it is commonplace for federal informants to be embedded within movements fomenting violence, playing it off like it is no big deal.

“Since there was a report that there was an FBI informant among the group of people who were at the Capitol on Jan. 6, somehow this entire thing must have been orchestrated by the puppet masters at the FBI. First, it wasn’t a particularly good FBI informant because law enforcement didn’t know what they needed to know, and that day out played out the way that it did. And second, having informants at the sights of crimes is part of the way that law enforcement works. It’s the very basic blocking and tackling of law enforcement. It’s kind of normal,” she said.

The propaganda campaign about Jan. 6 has failed to inspire the desired result in the masses. The Radical Left is far more of a threat to the well-being of Americans than Jan. 6 patriots, and the voters are responding to that reality accordingly.

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