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Mitchell Gunter


Tariffs On China Alone Won’t Protect U.S. Steel

In early March, President Trump announced forthcoming import tariffs on both steel and aluminum, leaving key trade allies scrambling for possible exemptions and prompting...

Communist student group organizes for “revolutionary war”

Some student groups at the University of Texas at Austin (UT-Austin) have eschewed their regular studies and extracurricular activities, and are instead advocating that...

How Cohn is undermining Trump’s ‘America First’ trade policy

“America First” was the cornerstone of President Trump’s campaign, and remains at the core of his trade policy today. Unfortunately, not all of the...

Gunter: Trump must back ITC to stop South Koreans unplugging U.S. appliance industry

Samsung and LG, who are Korean corporate giants in the appliance and consumer electronic industry, have each pledged large investments in the United States....

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