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Conservative actress Mindy Robinson alleges Facebook censorship



Conservative actress Mindy Robinson has alleged Facebook is censoring her content, adding to the multitude of conservatives speaking out against the social media giant’s apparent knack for censorship.

“I’ve been very vocal about how I’ve been getting censored for a while now,” Robinson told Big League Politics, adding, “Every time I think I’ve found a way around getting censored, Facebook comes up with a new way to curb conservatives.”

Appearing over 150 times on more than 30 reality TV shows, the Los Angeles actress is known for roles on TBS’ King of the Nerds and FOX’s Take Me Out, as well as leading roles in the films Range 15, Check Point, and You Can’t Have It.

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The actresses’ latest claims of censorship echo those of a multitude of conservatives, including the pro-Trump political commentators Diamond & Silk, and a member of firebrand Milo Yiannopoulos’ team at

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In April, Diamond & Silk accused Facebook of branding them “unsafe to the community.” That same month, Chadwick Moore, a journalist on the Milo Yiannopoulos team, divulged enormous losses in Facebook traffic, stating many Milo fans “didn’t realize we still had a Facebook page.”

“They kept giving us the run around, ‘nothing is wrong with your page,’ ‘there’s nothing wrong with it,’ ‘we don’t know’ … It was just back and forth, back and forth,” Diamond told Fox News, while Moore reported, “our page was bombarded that week with fans telling us they had not [seen] a post from Milo in months.”

At the core of both cases is the claim that Facebook is heavily restricting conservative social media content, and Robinson’s case is no different.

“It’s been an uphill battle for all of us. I think it’s important that when one of us gets banned or unpublished that we speak out for each other,” Robinson expressed, noting concrete changes in her Facebook page traffic.

“You’ll see the likes and shares go down from normal, which could be blamed on anything really. But when people are complaining that you’re not showing up on their newsfeed even when they have you on ‘See first’ or the page was unliked for them….I mean, it’s not hard to figure what’s going on,” Robinson continued.

Detailing the claims of censorship on her website, Robinson also referred to a recent incident in which she was temporarily banned from Facebook.

After sharing abusive messages she received from a Facebook user named Shane Cohen, Robinson was summarily banned from the service for 30 days. Following a media inquiry from Breitbart, as well as an outraged reaction from fans, Facebook went on to reverse the ban, but neglected to respond to requests for comment.

For her part, Robinson expressed that the best way to fight social media censorship is to continue getting the word out.

“For the most part, Facebook is a wonderful tool to keep in touch with people, network, learn new information….to abandon it because liberals are bullying us would be the same as just letting them win,” Robinson proclaimed.


Country Music Legend and Avowed Constitutional Patriot Charlie Daniels Dies at 83

Rest in peace, Charlie Daniels.



Country music performer and hardcore constitutional patriot Charlie Daniels has died at the age of 83 following complications from suffering a stroke.

He is mourned by members of the country music scene who appreciate his legendary contributions to the genre:

In addition to being a celebrated musician, Daniels also advocated for freedom throughout his life. He was an avid supporter of the Constitution and devoted follower of Jesus Christ.

Daniels started The Journey Home Project (TJHP) in 2014 to help veterans recover from the battlefield when they return home and prevent the suicide epidemic that continues among military personnel. He held the annual Patriot Day dinner, giving awards to community heroes to help raise money for his veterans’ fund.

“I have learned a lot since we started this,” Daniels said at last year’s event. “I knew there were things our veterans needed, but I had no idea how diverse and how many there were and how badly a lot of things were needed. We think the Veteran’s Administration is going to take care of our folks, but bureaucracies are slow by definition. Some of the needs are immediate so organizations like us and others that we support—we give money to other organizations that are doing the same thing we are—we try to fill in the gaps. We try to make life more comfortable for our vets, and the things we give are needs. They aren’t luxuries. They are basic needs.”

Daniels was extremely outspoken about his conservative beliefs, frequently criticizing former President Barack Obama and supporting President Trump’s “America First” agenda to defeat the New World Order.

“Christians will never accept government as their god, and people with guns are willing to protect their stand against any government who would infringe on their beliefs,” Daniels wrote.

Some of the final posts published on Daniels’ Twitter account before his passing showed that he remained at peace with his creator until the end of his life:

“Few artists have left a more indelible mark on America’s musical landscape than Charlie Daniels. An outspoken patriot, beloved mentor, and a true road warrior, Daniels parlayed his passion for music into a multi-platinum career and a platform to support the military, underprivileged children, and others in need,” a statement issued by Daniels’ representatives following his death reads.

Daniels will be missed by millions of his fans, but his proud legacy will live on for generations.

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