BASED: Proud Boy Makes an ANTIFA Soy Boy Cower in Fear at Protest for Honest Georgia Recount

At the Million MAGA March on Saturday, the Proud Boys – a controversial pro-Western collective of patriotic rowdies – proved their worth to the conservative movement by keeping the peace for Trump supporters during the massive rally.

They repelled ANTIFA forces and confronted them in the streets when they tried to gang ambush vulnerable Trump supporters following the march. The Proud Boys made their return in Georgia on Wednesday to push for an honest audit and recount of the disputed vote totals in the state.

One Proud Boy made an ANTIFA soy boy quiver in fear and pointed out how weak and pitiful the far-left agitator was as he lunged for his pepper spray out of fear.

“Is that why you had to grab your pepper spray, were you scared? You saw what we did to your comrades,” the Proud Boy said. ANTIFA did not want a piece of this Chad in the video, which can be seen here:

They got into additional arguments with ANTIFA cowards too:

Proud Boy leader Enrique Tarrio also appeared to make it known that the Proud Boys would be out in force everyday to stop Democrats from stealing the election:

Eventually, the cops took care of the left-wing agitators who showed up to support electoral irregularities and a corrupt voting process:

Infowars host Alex Jones showed up to support Georgia’s recount efforts along with paleoconservative “America First” vlogger Nick Fuentes. They rallied the troops for transparency and accountability:

The Proud Boys have persisted despite overwhelming institutional and systemic oppression against the fraternal group. Big League Politics reported last year on how two Proud Boys were sentenced to years in prison for exercising their right to self-defense in the New York City streets against left-wing instigators:

Two “Proud Boys” members were sentenced to four years in prison by a Manhattan judge on Tuesday after they defended themselves against ANTIFA terrorists who attacked a New York event featuring their leader, Gavin McInnes, over a year ago…

ANTIFA terrorists escaped charges while examples were made out of the Proud Boys. The fake news media invented a narrative that the Proud Boys were the provocateurs, which was seized upon by liberal city and state officials, and the result was a show trial where two Proud Boys ended up being convicted and sentenced to prison terms for self-defense.

Maxwell Hare, 27, and John Kinsman, 40, were each sentenced to four years in prison by Justice Mark Dwyer, who made clear in his remarks that his ruling was meant to send a political message.

“It’s a shame when some people jump up and down on a platform,” Dwyer said, referring to McInnes, “and their followers, their soldiers, get into trouble.”

“I’m not sure the most moral responsibility belongs to these two defendants,” he added.

Dwyer also made a thinly-veiled reference comparing the Proud Boys to Nazi streetfighters in 1930s Germany.

“I know enough about history to know what happened in Europe in the ’30s when political street brawls were allowed to go ahead,” Dwyer said during the sentencing. “We don’t want that to happen in New York.”

10 Proud Boys members were charged as a result of their response to the coordinated ANTIFA terror attack on the MET last year. Seven ended up taking plea deals while one other individual is still awaiting trial.

“This is pure clown world. The fake news is leading to real sentences,” McInnes explained in his response video to the sentencing.

A stronger, better American Right is rising, and the Proud Boys are a large part of this new conservative realignment that is ready to take the fight to the Left.

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