Ben ‘Never Trump’ Shapiro Pushes Democrat Lies on Trump’s Charlottesville Statement

Shapiro Deletes Offensive Anti Trump Tweet

Lead ‘Never Trumper’ Ben Shapiro of the Daily Wire has taken aim yet again at the President whom he hates, spreading obvious falsehoods about what Trump said regarding Charlottesville.

On an episode of his eponymously named podcast, Shapiro attempted to trick his listeners into believing that Trump made a grave mistake by telling the plain truth about what happened in Charlottesville in the aftermath of the ‘Unite the Right’ disaster in Aug. 2017.

“Now you knew the Democrats were going to use Charlottesville to its fullest effect,” Shapiro said while referencing Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s divisive anti-white campaign launch video. “Of course they were, it was Trump’s lowest moment of his Presidency.”

Shapiro would then go onto accuse Trump’s defenders of engaging in “revisionist history” for explaining the full context of Trump’s comments to combat the Democratic Party’s smear campaign. As usual, Shapiro repeated the fake news media’s narrative nearly verbatim.

“What [Trump] did say is that there was good people on both sides of the marches in Charlottesville,” Shapiro said.

Shapiro’s statement is a bald face lie. Trump never mentioned any march in his actual statement. The full context of his statements can be seen here:

The Iraq War cheerleader followed up his lie with yet another one claiming that Trump “knew” his remarks were a mistake at the time and “apologized for it and then moved back in the other direction.” This is fiction. No such apology and backtrack ever occurred.

He continued to deceive from there, saying he was going to play the “full clip” before splicing remarks Trump made after Charlottesville out of context to make him look bad. Still, he was forced to spin afterward because he realized Trump’s remarks were not as he described.

“People are now taking that out of context on the right and suggesting that Trump was not talking about the protesters who showed up, he was talking about writ large Confederate statues. That is not accurate. That is just not what he said at the time,” Shapiro said – even though he just played a clip of Trump saying exactly that.

“I am loathe to re-write history in favor of President Trump,” Shapiro said in a final condescending comment.

Unfortunately for Shapiro and his masters, Trump doubled-down today and defended his comments, even expressing an affinity for the “great” Confederate General Robert E. Lee.

This is far from an isolated incident for Shapiro, who sneakily opposes Trump at every opportunity. He supported Robert Mueller’s witch hunt against Trump only to throw the President under the bus after he was cleared of Russian collusion.

Shapiro was also instrumental in the conspiracy to derail Judge Roy Moore’s US Senate bid in 2017, where Shapiro’s agitation was ultimately successful in putting a baby-killing Democrat into federal office instead.

Shapiro’s hostility toward adherents of the Christian faith does not end there.

Shapiro additionally piled on the Covington Catholic kids for being attacked by leftist racial hate mobs, before flip-flopping, and never acknowledging the fact that he joined in the racist, anti-white crusade against the students.

When it comes to disingenuous worms sabotaging Trump’s ‘America First’ agenda from within, none are more pernicious than this weaselly neocon lawyer.

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