Berkeley Cracks Down on Gender-Specific Language, Removes Terms Like ‘Manholes’ From City Code

The town government of Berkeley, CA – one of the nation’s worst haven for leftist radicalism – is removing all gender-specific language from the city code, as the war on language deemed offensive to victim groups continues.

Any pronoun “he” or “she” will now be replaced with “they” in the city code. “Manholes” will now be referred to as “maintenance holes,” “firemen” will be “firefighters,” “man-made” will be “artificial,” and every reference to “men and women” will be replaced with people.

City Council member Rigel Robinson led the charge against “gender preference language,” and was instrumental in getting the ordinance approved by his colleagues. He believes the reform is worthwhile, despite its cost of $600 to taxpayers, because “language has power.”

“It is Berkeley being Berkeley, and what that means is it’s Berkeley being inclusive,” Robinson said to NBC Bay Area. “A male-centric municipal code doesn’t reflect the reality of the city of Berkeley.”

“Having a male-centric municipal code is inaccurate and not reflective of our reality,” Robinson said. “Women and non-binary individuals are just as entitled to accurate representation. Our laws are for everyone, and our municipal code should reflect that.”

The changes will be implemented in August, as enforcing transgender norms becomes apart of the law in California. The state began allowing individuals to identify in “nonbinary” ways on birth certificates in 2017.

Transgenderism has entered into the public school curriculum in California as well, which has enraged parents who believe their children are being sexualized and indoctrinated by the LGBT agenda as a result.

California’s Department of Education new sexual education program will introduce third-grade students to concepts such as gender fluidity, which states that individuals can change their birth gender based on their day-to-day whims. This assault on biology and common sense is considered mandatory for children, regardless of any objections parents may have.

High school students will learn in school about a variety of deviant sexual practices, such as bondage, ‘fisting,’ and what the state describes as ‘blood play.’ Pornography is essentially being mainstreamed in schools because of LGBT activism, which has angered Christian parents and lawmakers.

“The State Board of Education is attacking our liberty with its disgusting and unintellectual proposals,” State Senator Brian Jones (R-Santee) said. “The parent-child relationship is sacred and special to each family, and parents and guardians know what is best for their children.”

“I don’t like the government to dictate to my wife and I, how to raise our kids,” Jones added.

The LGBT agenda is attacking every facet of public life, which is most evident in Democrat-run California. They will continue to expand it until society is transformed into their degenerate vision throughout the entire country.

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