Bernie Sanders Gets Heckled at Women’s Forum

Bernie Sanders had a rough time at the She The People Forum on Wednesday on April 25, 2019.

During this discussion, Sanders was asked how he would battle “white supremacy”.

Host Aimee Allison specifically pressed Sanders on his devotion to the African American community.

The Washington Examiner detailed how Sanders’ talk was met with hostility from the audience when he mentioned his presence at the March on Washington:

He mentioned he was present during the historic March on Washington in 1963 with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., which prompted members of the audience to groan. According to Fox News, someone shouted from the audience “We know!

Sanders continued reaffirming his civil rights credentials by citing his involvement in Jesse Jackson’s 1988 presidential campaign.

“As somebody who actively supported Jesse Jackson’s campaign, as one of the few white elected officials to do so in ’88, I have dedicated my life to the fight against racism, and sexism, and discrimination of all forms.”

In the middle of the audience’s heckling, Sanders declared President Donald Trump is the “most dangerous president” in modern history and called for Democrats to be united in 2020.
Co-Host Joy Reid then asked Sanders how his campaign would benefit black women, which Sanders responded with “Black women will be an integral part of what our campaign, and what our administration is about. Okay?”

He would then be cut off by hecklers in the audience who were not satisfied with his responses.

Despite making mass incarceration a major plank of his 2020 run, Sanders has had trouble gaining the confidence of the African American base of the Democratic Party.
BLP covered how Sanders went as far as to suggest that felons like the Boston Marathon bomber should be allowed to vote.

In the modern-day Democratic Party, which is consumed with identity politics, Sanders might struggle to come out on top during the 2020 Democratic Party primaries.

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