Bernie Sanders Projected as Winner of Nevada Democratic Caucus

Bernie Sanders has been projected as the winner of Saturday’s Nevada Democratic Caucus.

Fox News was among the first media outlets to project Sanders, a Vermont U.S. Senator and Democratic Socialist, as the winner of the third-in-the-nation contest.

Initial ballot results seem to suggest that Sanders is set to coast to a dominant victory.

With six percent of delegates having been reported, Sanders has captured a resounding 54.7% of the vote.

Joe Biden is taking a distant second with 18%. It’s likely the results will lower Sanders’ final vote total, but such a strong initial showing could mean Sanders ultimately wins the caucus with close to 40% of the vote.

Sanders’ second primary victory- after having taken the popular vote in the Iowa caucuses as well- seems likely to trigger a full-blown panic among the establishment Democratic Party. Sanders has a clear path to coast to the party nomination at this point, and a victory in the upcoming South Carolina primary could all but seal the deal.

Nevada voters had the options to cast early ballots for the primary for the first time in the state’s history, with a window to vote opening last Saturday.

The Nevada caucuses were being closely monitored over concerns of election incompetence, after links between a company that developed a faulty app for the Iowa caucus were found to the Nevada Democratic Party. Sanders’ whopping initial margin of victory makes it unlikely reporting errors could prove significant enough to leave the results of the caucus in question.

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