Beto Supporters Seen Beating Piñata of Trump at El Paso Rally

Supporters of Robert Francis ‘Beto’ O’Rourke were seen showing their contempt for President Donald Trump at an El Paso counter-Trump rally in an unconventional way.

Beto supporters took it upon themselves to create and destroy a life-sized piñata of the President with baseball bats. It’s unclear how many of the effigies were made, but a video revealed one being thoroughly struck and likely destroyed by a rally-goer.

O’Rourke, formerly a member of Congress representing El Paso, was holding a rally to distract from President Trump’s ‘Finish the Wall’ event down the road. He was considerably outdrawn in his own home city, with photos of his event revealing the presence of merely hundreds of supporters. Meanwhile, the President’s rally drew almost 10,000 people in the reliably Democratic Texas city.

Watch the disturbing scene at O’Rourke’s sparsely attended rally:

The individuals seen striking the Trump pinata seem to be masked, and the second seen on tape may very well be a minor. If so, he’s likely to have been instructed to attack the effigy of the President by his parents or guardians- demonstrating questionable parenting on their behalf.

It’s common for people to strike or burn effigies of political figures in other countries, but traditionally such a display would be seen as undemocratic or hateful in the United States. The Trump pinata was also created holding a Russian flag, potentially leaving O’Rourke’s mob open to accusations of anti-Slavic sentiment.

As the craftily made piñata was struck with a baseball bat, onlookers could be heard droning on about ‘hatred’ and ‘racism,’ apparently unaware of the irony in accusing others of hatred while attacking effigies of political figures in a crazed frenzy.

These Beto supporters may find like-minded company with radical Islamists in Iran, who have been seen destroying or burning effigies of President Trump with an Israeli flag shirt in similar protests.

Perhaps the former Texas Congressman can take guidance from the anti-American Islamists in Iran for planning his potential Presidential campaign events.


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