‘Beto’ Whines About ‘Wealth Inequality,’ Doesn’t Mention His Filthy Rich In-Laws

Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke complains about wealth inequality, yet his wife Amy Sanders O’Rourke is the likely heiress to a vast fortune, according to a report from the Spectator.

Nevertheless, the 2020 presidential hopeful recently tweeted about the level of inequality present in America.

O’Rourke declared that this “unprecedented concentration of wealth, power and privilege” in America “must be broken apart.”

The former congressmen and failed Senate candidate’s campaign has largely been focused on neoliberal pet issues such as higher taxes, climate change legislation, and heavy gun control.

However, O’Rourke has positioned himself as the immigration candidate that supports a more “humane” alternative to President Trump’s policies — better known as open borders.

Ironically, conservative commentators like Michelle Malkin and Lou Dobbs have pointed out that mass migration will worsen the inequality that O’Rourke complains about due to depressed wages.

On top of that, O’Rourke’s platform does nothing to substantially overhaul the U.S.’s tax code, which rich oligarchs and Democratic Party backers like George Soros exploit to their own benefit.

Nor does O’Rourke touch the regulatory state in Washington D.C. which crushes small businesses and keeps many lower to lower-middle class Americans from rising up in the economic ranks. Trump actually passed an executive order that rolled backed a considerable list of Obama-era regulations in order to give small businesses breathing room.

According to the Census Bureau, five of America’s richest counties are located in D.C. suburbs, largely thanks to the unprecedented levels of government growth.  None of this is addressed by O’Rourke’s 2020 platform.

After a surprising showing in the 2018 elections for the U.S. Senate in Texas, O’Rourke appears to be one of the favorites to win the Democratic nomination.

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