Biden Defense Secretary Travels to Ukraine to Announce New $100 Million Weapons Package

Biden Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin traveled to Kyiv, Ukraine on Monday where he announced another $100 million weapons deal to keep the nation’s hostilities with Russia going a little while longer.

Austin made the trip as the public sours on the Ukrainian fiasco and sets their sights on the combustible situation in the Middle East regarding Israel and Palestine.

“I announced today another $100 million drawdown using Presidential Drawdown Authority to provide additional artillery munitions, additional interceptors for air defense and a number of anti-tank weapons as well,” Austin said to reporters.

The Biden administration is using the Presidential Drawdown Authority to deplete the Pentagon’s stockpile in order to fuel the war between Ukraine and Russia. They continue to dump weapons in Ukraine despite the fact that it is now readily acknowledged by everyone except delusional midget Ukrainian ‘President’ Volodymyr Zelensky that the effort is futile.

“The message that I bring you today, Mr. President, is that the United States of America is with you. We will remain with you for the long haul,” Austin said to Zelensky.

Big League Politics has reported on Zelensky’s advisors admitting to the mainstream press that the war effort is a failure and Ukraine is doomed to lose:

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is being called a “deluded” leader by those in his inner circle who now admit that the war against Russia cannot be won.

One of his Zelensky’s top aides told Time Magazine that he “does not intend to give up fighting or to sue for any kind of peace” because of his immense delusion. The madman will send countless more of his people to die as a result of his psychosis.

“On the contrary, his belief in Ukraine’s ultimate victory over Russia has hardened into a form that worries some of his advisers. It is immovable, verging on the messianic,” the aide said.

“We’re out of options. We’re not winning. But try telling him that,” the aide added.

Even though it is obvious Russia will win the war and Ukraine is out of options, Zelensky still talks to the media as if victory is tenable.

“For us it would mean leaving this wound open for future generations,” Zelensky said to Time. “Maybe it will calm some people down inside our country, and outside, at least those who want to wrap things up at any price. But for me, that’s a problem, because we are left with this explosive force. We only delay its detonation.”

The U.S. war machine is going to keep the conflict going in Ukraine as long as possible, no matter how many young men and women are forced into the meat grinder as a result of this senseless and barbaric intervention.

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