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Biden Verbally Struggles to Explain Defense Production Act During CNN Appearance

This man is ready for the test of the presidency?



Joe Biden struggled mightily to explain himself during an appearance on CNN Thursday night, stumbling over words and losing his train of thought at least three times. Biden appeared to be talking about President Franklin Roosevelt’s use of defense production powers during World War II, but it’s impossible to understand what he was talking about for sure.

Watch a highlight of Biden’s disorienting CNN appearance here:

Um, you know, there’s a uh, during World War… Two, uh, you know, where Roosevelt came up with a thing that uh, you know, was totally different than a, than the, the, it’s called, he’s called it a, you know, the World War Two, he had the World, the War Production Board.

Does this man seem to have the mental sharpness and acuity required of the President of the United States?
Biden had referred to coronavirus as “covid-9” during a YouTube campaign appearance on Wednesday.

Biden’s answer regarding Franklin Roosevelt may be one of the more confusing and unclear statements he’s made since becoming a Presidential candidate. Podcaster Joe Rogan recently took national Democrats to task for nominating a man he identified as clearly in cognitive decline.

Increasingly the former Vice President appears to have noticeably and undeniably declined from his verbal and mental prime, as evidence by video of a once sharp Biden debating Paul Ryan in the 2012 Vice Presidential debates. The Democratic Party should be asking serious questions about the prospect of nominating a Presidential candidate whose faculties are not what they once were, but it appears the party’s establishment lacks the integrity to openly discuss the troubling matter.

Campaign 2020

Presidential Debates Set to Ignore National Security, Immigration, and Second Amendment

Ignoring the issues important to Americans.



The 2020 presidential debates are now guaranteed to ignore the critical national political topics of immigration and the Second Amendment, with only a passing discussion on national security.

In a remarkably biased favor to the Joe Biden campaign, moderator Kristen Welker de-emphasized foreign policy as a planned topic of the third debate, structuring it around a reliable list of leftist-friendly topics. The planned topics are the pandemic, race relations, climate change, national security & “leadership,” a colored term for Welker castigating the President over what she sees as mean tweets.

SV News has reported that Welker has scrapped foreign policy questions alltogether after the revelation of Hunter Biden’s corrupt dealings involving his father with Burisma.

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The third (de facto second) presidential debate will include yet another segment on “Race in America,” in which a leftist moderator will harangue the President on the existence of supposed “white supremacist” groups and demand the bow to the elitist lie of “white privilege.”

Immigration was entirely ignored during the first presidential debate, and it seems more than likely that it’ll be swept under the rug during this one, unless President Trump goes out of the way to mention his policy accomplishments on the matter. The Second Amendment has been wholly ignored, as well.

Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien penned a letter to what he termed the BDC (Biden Debate Commission) questioning as to why the traditional focus on foreign policy in the third presidential debate was being replaced, at the very moment Hunter Biden’s highly suspicious personal foreign business dealings have been placed under scrutiny.

More than 50% of American citizens describe both these issues as “very important” in recent polling- more so than climate change and “race and ethnic inequality.” Yet, seemingly endless racial conversations have been featured at both presidential debates, and expounded upon at length at both electoral town halls last week.

Joe Biden has promised that he will not deport any illegal aliens, except for those convicted of violent felonies. This would represent a dramatic repudiation of American immigration law in itself, and could lead to truly massive new levels of illegal immigration. This stands to be totally ignored in the debate process.

It’s time to scrap the biased Commission on Presidential Debates. These events should be conducted with one liberal journalist and one conservative journalist, as opposed to corporate news hacks who masquerade as “neutral” while arranging a leisurely walk in the park for the pro-establishment Democrat candidate.

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