Joe Rogan Endorses Donald Trump Over Joe Biden, Citing Cognitive Decline

Podcaster Joe Rogan appeared to implicitly endorse Donald Trump for President during his Saturday podcast with Eric Weinstein. Rogan cited what he identified as Biden’s obvious cognitive decline in refusing to vote for the Democratic Party’s elder statesman.

This is the real issue with the Democratic Party… They’ve essentially made us all morons with that Joe Biden guy. I can’t vote for him. I’d rather vote for Trump than him.

We don’t even know what the f*** he’s going to be like after a year in office.

Rogan has consistently sounded the alarm on the question of Joe Biden’s mental acuity, frequently pointing to the Democratic frontrunner’s many instances of confusion and questionable awareness during his extremely limited schedule of media and campaign events.

Joe Biden has forgotten what office he’s running for in a campaign event in South Carolina, confused his wife with his sister during a Super Tuesday victory speech, and stated that 150 million Americans have died of gun violence within the past two decades.

Establishment Democrats were quick to jump out of the woodwork in condemning Rogan, pointing to him as a toxic Bernie Sanders bro dangerously refusing to obey the imperative to ‘vote blue’ with the sole objective of defeating Donald Trump.

Rogan had previously endorsed Bernie Sanders. It appears probable that he’s the most prominent Sanders-to-Trump voter in America, considering his podcast is consistently the most viewed example of the content format. Mainstream Democrats had consistently written him off as some sort of fringe figure, disregarding that he’s by all accounts one of the most influential public speakers in America.

Up to 15% of Bernie Sanders supporters are currently planning on eschewing the low-energy Biden campaign and voting for Donald Trump in the November general election. Unfortunately for establishment Democrats keen to demand strict obedience of any nominally progressive voter, they’ll have to right to vote for a candidate of their choosing as American citizens.

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