Biden’s DHS Eyeing Resuming Construction of Trump’s Border Wall to Fill in “Gaps”

The Department of Homeland Security is eyeing resuming construction of some planned border wall, with an initial pause on new wall implemented by Joe Biden upon his ascension to the presidency having expired.

Biden only temporarily halted the construction of President Donald Trump’s border wall, even though he routinely promised not to build “another foot” as a campaign promise. During the course of his presidency, Trump constructed almost 500 miles of border wall on the most compromised areas of the US-Mexico border. Biden’s suspension of wall construction lapsed on March 21st, although federal contractors haven’t resumed any new construction.

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas reportedly suggested that end of the suspension order “leaves room to make decisions” on finishing “gaps” in the border wall, speaking in a meeting with ICE agents. Mayorkas claimed to have submitted a plan to Biden that sounded as if it’d include some limited wall construction.

Biden’s administration quietly resuming wall construction would serve as a tacit admission that President Donald Trump’s ‘America First’ approach on immigration successfully deterred caravan-style migration from Central America, with Biden’s approach of loading hundreds of thousands of dubious asylum seekers into the immigration court system only serving to spur even more migration.

Customs and Border Patrol personnel have attested to the effectiveness of walls in deterring drug and human smuggling as well as illegal immigration, with vast swathes of the border previously only lightly fenced off from vehicular traffic. Cochise County, Arizona Sheriff Mark Dannels has described the cancellation of wall construction as the equivalent of “building roads for the cartels,” revealing that his border county had been hit with a tidal wave of transnational criminal activity since Biden took office.

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